SEO Basics 2

By: Mel Joelle

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of visibility of the websites in the search engines. People search in the search engines about various things typing letters. The websites are ranked in those search engines according to various factors. The process by which one can easily rank his website high in those search engines is called SEO. In modern day technology publicity is a very important factor to run a business successfully. Obviously internet is the best way to earn some publicity. So people create websites giving information about their business, service etc. A person who is looking for some information regarding a certain topic definitely takes the option of search engine where he types the words. There he gets various websites which provide the information that he wants. Obviously thousands of websites are given by those search engines on same topics. The question is how these websites are ranked in the search engines. The top ranked websites are viewed by people. The chance of improving popularity also increases. So tips for improving the rank of the web pages are very important as far as any business is concerned. Maximum people are unaware about the fact how these search engines rank the websites. They follow various processes. Keeping in mind those processes can improve the ranking of your web page.

There are two different networks- Google search and AdSense. Placing AdSense ads are not given advantage by Google. They are processed in standard way. The quality of back links which are placed in your web page must be watched. These back links give references of other sites which also provide information about the same topic that the website contents. But placing these links can improve the popularity of the site to the viewers. The context in your website must be original and good so that people can get help from your website. This can definitely improve the rank of your website in the search engine. The most influencing factor to improve the ranking of your web page is selecting proper key words. There are many web pages talking about one subject. But the correct key word must be included in the website so that it can acquire higher rank in the search engines. For an example suppose you own a ‘pre-owned’ car business. You have written in your web page about your business. But it can be very much possible that people looking for such cars do not use the word “pre-owned’. It is possible that maximum people use the phrase ‘second hand’ while searching. Obviously it is hard to assume which phrase is used by most of the people.

There are some sites like google; where you can see the keywords that you used is ranked. These websites rank the keywords according to they are used by the viewers. This tip can help you to decide which keyword you are going to use in your website. The no. of characters or words used as keyword or title is another factor to be watched while creating a web page. It is recommended to use keywords having not more than 9 words or 65 characters. Creating site file map and Tools Google sign up is also recommended as far as improving the ranking is concerned. For images describing the context attributes ALT must be used. It can help the website to improve the ranking. These are some SEO basics using which you can easily upgrade the ranking of your web page.

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