SDF Grant: An Energy Conserver

By: Sandra Stammberger

The prices of energy are gradually increasing and creating solar panels will not be an immediate solution to this economic crisis. Thus, the government made a way to resolve this in a less-effort way, through the Sustainable Development Fund program.

What is the SDF fund? Most people are not familiar with this kind of aid. It might seem complex but the acronym simply stands for Sustainable Development Fund. SDF offers inventive funding to renewal and clean energy resources. The SDF Grant is presented as a first-come, first-serve basis program. SDF has able to cut the price of energy bill up to almost half of its conventional price.

One of the major objectives of the SDF program is to encourage the society to use energy efficiently and conserve it as well. SDF has evidently shown its effect to significantly reducing the harmful health and environmental effects caused by fuel sources.

Qualified Proposals

Companies who aim to buy renewable energy and advance clean energy become more eligible to SDF. Financiers of equipment like manufacturers, retailers and service firms or those who aims to improve energy savings status may be considered for SDF grant as well.

SDF Categories

This kind of funding presents a limited number of sustainable energy grants. The SDF is divided into two major categories.

The first category is the Sustainable Energy Business Planning Grants. These grants are accessible to business institutions located in the energy service territories that manufacture, designs and produce renewable energy. The Sustainable Energy Business Planning Grants are intended for the business planning process.

Green Building design grants, on the other hand, are intended to infrastructure developers, building owners, and architecture and engineering offices. The Green Building Design Grants are designed to provide aid for energy production and simulation modelling.

SDF Grant Products

One of the advantages of the SDF Grant program is its low-interest policy and its flexible financial aid for renewable and clean energy. The SDF Grand program extends to commercial loans, debt subordination and equity investments.

SDF Grant Application

For the Sustainable Development fund grant application, initially, you have to fill up and submit the SDF Core Grant Program Application form. Information regarding this form is available in the Core Grant Program Application Form Instructions.

Quarterly application reviews are considered by the SDF Board, staring form the 15th day of January.

Applications that did not meet the deadline will be considered to the succeeding calendar quarter.

Applications are done electronically through the TRF online site. The Grant application form is available in a Microsoft Word format.

Application Evaluation and Approval

SDF grant applications are evaluated and reviewed by the SDF Staff and Grant Commission of the SDF Board. The result of the assessment will mainly depend on how well the proposed work suits the SDF objective and SDF grant categories. Moreover, the grant approval will depend on to the level of importance of the proposed work.

The applicant will be informed directly of the proposal results by the SDF Grant staff. The SDF Board will be the one to confirm and ratify the decision of the SDF Grant Committee.

The judgement of the SDF board is final, however, the applicant may ask for a meeting with the SDF body to review the proposal and the applicant may ask for a request for reconsideration as well.

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