Running Gear for All Sorts of Weather

By: Harry Shane

One thing you need to understand about running is that you always need to have the right gear.

Running Shoes

Whether you have already been running for years or are merely a newbie, having a nice pair of running shoes is very important. Wearing appropriate footwear protects your feet against possible injuries. To put it simply, running shoes are made with features that will ensure your feet's comfort. Compared with other shoes, these ones are well-cushioned and they are designed to meet the unique needs of runners.

What to Wear

While some manufacturers are selling running-specific clothes, you may simply opt for anything comfortable if you want to save some money. Just grab your favorite workout attire from your closet and you’ll be good to go. This is generally acceptable but you may have to make some adjustments depending on the weather.

Running During Hot Weather

For warmer weather, clothes made from synthetic material are most suitable. Wearing cotton can be a hassle because it keeps you sweaty plus they do not dry fast. Be sure to wear light-colored clothing during summer. Darker ones tend to absorb heat so you better avoid them. The same rule actually applies for socks. Using cotton can eventually cause blisters and so synthetic fabric is still your best pick. Acrylic, CoolMax, and polyester are some of the available options. Also, protect your skin by using some sunscreen.

Running During Cold Weather

Some runners tend to settle for the treadmill during winter season but that shouldn't always be the case. There are some clothes that can ensure your comfort despite chilly weather. First off, keep your head covered by wearing a thermal hat. Those that are made of wool or fleece are most effective in keeping you warm. Bandana is another idea or you may simply opt for a balaclava if that's what you prefer.

As far as clothing is concerned, layering works best. Again, synthetic is better than cotton for your base layer. Next, you should wear insulating material made of fabrics such as Akwatek, Druline, Microfleece, Thermax, and others. For the final layer, wear something that's wind and water resistant such as ClimaFit, Microsuplex, or Windstopper. This type of clothing can be perfect for regulating your body's temperature. Of course, don't forget to wear some gloves or mittens. For the protection of your lips, use Vaseline or Chapstick so you can prevent chapping and windburn.

Running During Rainy Season

Again, bad weather doesn't have to stop you. When rainy season starts, all it takes is to prepare well for it so you can still run outdoors. As with cold weather, the trick is to wear several layers. Preferably, the outer later should be a water resistant jacket. Your headwear should be nothing more than a hat with a brim. This is important so the rain water doesn't drip directly on your face. For your safety, make sure that you wear light-colored clothing or those with reflective material. That way, you are still visible to drivers on the road and you can avoid any untoward incidents.

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