Running Apparel: Selecting the Perfect Pair of Shoes

By: Mark Lopes

When shopping for running apparel, at least some of your friends must have told you; you do not need any specific apparel to be a good runner. This statement is half true and half lie. You may be able to skip the running gear, clothings and related accessories. But, a good pair of running shoes is something you cannot afford to ignore at any cost. It protects your feet from injuries, enhances your performance and even helps you outshine your competition. But, how to choose the right one? This is sure to be the question haunting you may be for a long time. The analysis given below would definitely address all your concerns in the matter.
Buying a good pair of running shoes
Buying running shoes is not a herculean task. But, you should know how to do it right. Here are some points you should keep in mind when planning to shop for shoes designed for the purpose or you can simply ask for advice staff at sport apparel shop, like Tref Sport Patike za Trcanje.
1. Cushioning: When shopping for running shoes, you may have noticed something; cushioning differs depending on the brand one chooses. But, this does not have to scare you away from going for your favorite model. In fact, there is no uniform advice to offer. Just take into account two factors; your body frame and your tastes or preferences.
The information that when you run, up to 5 times of your bodyweight is placed on your feet and joints may appear to be a real surprise. But, this is the truth. For instance, a person with a bodyweight of 230 may need footwear with lots of cushioning. The opposite happens with someone with a thin physique.
You should also be in a position to determine your preferences. Do you want to feel like floating in a pillow-like surface? Or, staying connected to the ground is what you want? Whatever is your preference, you would have no difficulty to locate the one which fits well into your preferences and requirements.
2. The support your feet need: Two factors would influence your decision in this regard; the arch type and the flexibility of your feet. If you are someone with high-arch feet, you would have the least amount of flexibility. It implies that you would have to go for shoes which offer minimum support. And, the pattern should go upward; people with low arch feet would go for the footwear capable of offering maximum support.
When to replace your running shoes?
Know that even the most expensive shoes start suffering from wear and tear due to prolonged usage. The general rule is that to replace them after every 500 miles. But, this recommendation has been repudiated by many who manage to extend the life of running shoes for years. There is no uniform rule; the time to replace them may vary based on the cushioning and the longevity of their midsole. However, it is noted that rotating shoes; giving every pair time to recover may extend the life of the footwear designed for running.
Follow these tips; you would be able to enjoy the comfort your choice pair of running shoes offer for many years!

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