Run Your Car on H2O and Gasoline - Is it a Joke?

By: Matthew Loop, DC

With the high gas prices the way they are, wouldn't it be great to be able to drive your car using a type of fuel you can find anywhere for cheap, rather than gas which tends to be so incredibly expensive. Wouldn't it be great if you could, say, run your car on water and essentially pay the same price per gallon you did back when gas was only a little over a dollar?

Luckily, there is already a technology available that has the ability to provide an alternative source of energy to your car, allowing you to triple your gas mileage or, essentially, pay for 1/3 the amount of gas to cover the same amount of distance. This technology uses a renewable resource that can be found anywhere in the world. In fact, it uses a resource that covers 2/3's of the world. There is technology available that will help you run your car on water.

This alternative fuel, known as HHO gas, is actually made from simple H2O, or tap water. Ever since Hydrogen cars were being researched, scientists were looking for a form of hydrogen they could use to power their cars without risking the explosive potential of hydrogen - known to be too flammable for everyday use. What they found was a clean burning energy source with the ability to triple your gas mileage and provide only the hydrogen you need when you need it.

This technology is becoming one of the biggest hits across the nation, spreading like wildfire as more and more people see it as a viable solution to today's gas costs. You, too, can easily convert your car or truck to one that can burn both gas and water and save thousands of dollars (while reducing your impact on the environment as well).

These systems also need such a little bit of water that you do not have to add some sort of giant tank to your car. Less than a gallon of water can run your car for over 3 months, without the need to switch the water out. The secret is the way that HHO gas breaks down water to produce small pieces of hydrogen only when your engines need it, using the current from your car battery.

This HHO gas is then directed into your car's combustion, mixing with the fuel you already have and creating a clean burning, efficient form of energy that can triple your gas mileage, is completely safe, and works on any type of car. It does not void your warranty, can be reverse at any point in time, and costs less than the amount it takes to fill up your car with gasoline.

In most cases, you will be paying less than 100 dollars for the entire system, and when it triples your gas mileage, that additional power means additional savings, so the system ends up paying for itself in as little as a few fill ups. You can make the system in just a few hours time and start saving right away with the easy step by step information you can find in several guides online.

There is a chance that oil prices will never drop. But with the evolution of HHO gas, it is possible to improve your gas mileage and, ultimately, reduce your dependence on oil, allowing you to run your car on water and save money at the gas tank.

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