Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercises -the last thing you want to do, but essential

By: Nick Bryant

You'll probably be surprised to find out that most shoulder injuries can be fixed by just exercise and rotator cuff problems are no exception. But, before you rush out and start lifting weights read on becausedoing the wrong exercises can seriously damage a torn rotator cuff. The treatment depends on how bad the damage is and how you did it in the first place . Now don't get upset about this at this but just for a minute think of your shoulder tendons as bits of old car tow rope. Imagine that this particular rope has simply become worn through too many breakdowns. It may be getting a bit frayed around the edges. Another tow rope may have been used to pull something that was just too heavy and in the process may have been stretched too far or even snapped.

Get the picture? Depending on what you did to damage the tendons originally the injury will be different and may suggest a different kind of treatments. If you have managed to Tear a tendon right through|snap a tendon} you are almost certainly looking at surgery before you can recover. If it has simply become worn through overuse you could well get away without surgery. Nearly all rotator cuff injuries can be fixed with phyical therapy (exercise) but before you start any programme you need to let the muscles mend properly which means resting and reducing the inflammation. This may be ice and compression treatment, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen or Steroid injections. Once the muscles have mended you can then get started on rotator cuff strengthening exercises to restore the strength and movement in your shoulder.

Your rotator cuff muscles are quite small but also very important muscles. Because they are small the physical therapy exercises to strengthen them will be using either no weights or very small ones and even as the muscles get better you won't be using any great reistance with these muscles. They are designed to hold the top of the arm into the socket of the shoulder joint. Because the joint is a very shallow ball and socket joint it would be quite easy to pull it out of joint so these muscles help to pull the shoulder together and form a cuff around the shoulder to protect it and keep it stable. They are put under pressure when you reach behind you or start working above shoulder height, reaching up, lifting something, throwing something and so it is when you do the same movements that you get pain if you have damaged them. If you've torn your rotator cuff I bet you find it hard to tuck your trousers in or scratch the top of your head.

Rotator cuff strengthening exercises don't involve these movements and concentrate on easy movements that gradually strengthen the muscles again. These are some of the least looked after|most neglected} muscles on the body. We take them for granted all the time until something goes wrong with them. The good news is that with the right exercises you can get them working perfectly again in around six weeks and be completely pain free. Start doing the wrong exercises and you can damage them more and be looking at expensive surgery and a long recovery time.

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If you found this article useful check out my full story at My name is Nick Bryant and I tore my rotator cuff lifting something that was too heavy. Despite being told that I would need surgery I have managed a full recovery with just exercise. Check out one of my other articles on my torn rotator cuff

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