Roswell Cosmetic Dentist Helps Patients Prepare For Dental Emergencies During The Summer

By: Gen Wright

ROSWELL, GA - During the summer, people are outside participating in sports and other recreational events more often than in other seasons. In order to help their patients protect their mouths while participating in various summer events, Drs. Michael and Judd Shenk, Roswell cosmetic dentists, offer advice on dental emergencies for their patients.

"Taking extra precautions to protect your teeth is key to avoiding dental emergencies. While not all accidents can be avoided, it is important to always be prepared for any dental emergency," said Dr. Michael Shenk, cosmetic dentist in Roswell. "This summer there will be numerous opportunities for my patients to be involved in recreational activities and sports. By understanding dental emergencies I hope my patients will take the right steps to protecting their teeth and gums. However, when an emergency does occur, I am always available to help."

Dr. Shenk, dentist in Roswell, informs his patients that there are a number of simple precautions to be taken in order to avoid an accident and injury to the teeth. Accidents do, of course, happen and knowing what to do when one occurs can save a person's tooth. Drs. Michael and Judd Shenk, Roswell, GA dentists, reserve time in their daily schedules for emergency patients, so when an emergency occurs patients can call Shenk Dental Care for immediate attention. Dr. Shenk also urges patients to remember that pain is a signal that something is wrong and a problem will not disappear even if the pain subsides.

"If you bite down and feel sharp pain, it might quickly disappear or you may just ignore it. However, it is important to not ignore pain because a cracked tooth needs to be repaired to prevent further damage," said Dr. Shenk, Roswell dentist.

Depending on the size and location of the crack, Dr. Shenk will determine the appropriate treatment plan, which can vary from bonding to root canal therapy. In more severe cases, a cracked tooth may require extraction, while smaller cracks need minimal repair. Dr. Shenk will determine the best treatment for a patient's cracked tooth.

In addition, Drs. Michael and Judd Shenk, dentists in Roswell, GA, inform patients that if they are planning a trip out of the country it is helpful to schedule a dental checkup at Shenk Dental Care before they leave in order to prevent emergencies.

"No one wants to have their trip ruined by a toothache, so to minimize your risk of a dental emergency while on vacation, visit our office for a check-up before you leave for travel. It is always important to be well prepared for your trip, and a dental check-up will definitely help," informed Dr. Shenk, Roswell Invisalign dentist.

Before patients leave on their trips, it is important for them to tend to any decayed teeth, broken fillings, and other dental problems. Patients should also inform Drs. Michael and Judd Shenk of their travel plans and ask about any other potential dental issues that may occur while out of the country.

To schedule an appointment with Drs. Michael and Judd Shenk before their trip, patients can call the office at (770) 992-6568.

About Shenk Dental Care: Shenk Dental Care has been a leading dental practice in Roswell, Georgia for over 30 years. Dr. Michael Shenk was given the Oral Pathology Award after graduating from Northwestern University Dental School and returned to Atlanta in 1979 to open his family practice in Roswell. Joining Dr. Michael Shenk is his son Dr. Judd Shenk, bringing exceptional care to patients of all ages. Dr. Judd Shenk spent his life around the dental industry and graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He returned to Roswell where he has partnered with his father to form Shenk Dental Care.

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