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By: Byron Graham

Boruch: Hi, my name's Boruch Fishman and welcome to another episode of What's New in Plumbing." today we're going to be talking with Byron Graham the Director of A # 1 Plumbing of Baltimore and we're going to be talking about what's going on in the world of plumbing in Baltimore.

Byron: What's new in plumbing right now is that we're getting a lot of drain cleaning calls.

Boruch: Do you know why you're getting so many right now, are you still having the drought?

Byron: No, actually we're getting plenty of rain, but what we're finding is that the older houses with the Terra drain pipes have roots growing into them. So we're going out to inspect these houses and we're putting in bids for a sewer replacement.

Boruch: When you replace the old sewer line do you put in a PVC pipe?

Byron: Yep, we're replacing them with PVC pipe.

Boruch: I know at first when people have roots growing into their sewers they try root killer and then they ask a plumber to pass a line through to get the roots out.

Byron: Yep, in that case, what we do is pass a water jetter into the pipes. Once we do the jetters, it gives us some time, depending on whether the pipe is broken or not. If sewer pipeis split apart, the jetter will do more harm than good because its utilizing 2500 pounds of pressure. We're also doing a lot of sewer cleanings, and we're doing a lot of sewer inspections with the video cameras.

Boruch Umh:

Byron: So what's taking place is that with all this rain the trees are getting nice and beautiful, and at the same time, under the surface their roots want to get as much water as they can, and they are just filling the sewers.

Boruch: So you do the inspection and if the pipe is patent you can jet it; and you recommend that they use root poisoning to bide some time. But if the pipe's broken you recommend that they get it replaced.

Byron" Yes! And we recommend to the homeowners that they use root poisoning to bide them some time, until they can get their money together. But especially if they have the fragile terra cotta pipes, we recommend that they get them replaced.

Boruch: What is a pipe replacement generally running right now?

Byron: They are anywhere between $3,400.00 and $4,200.00 .

Boruch: Are you offering any type of special discounts at this time?

Byron: Yes, if a homeowner has to replace anywhere up to 50 feet of underground sewer line we will do the job for $3,000.00.

Boruch: As Byron [told us|talked about|mentioned} in a an earlier podcast, tree roots will take off and develop huge meshes of twisted roots and trapped material within the interior of pipes and sewers. Objects such as feminine products, which would have gone right through, now get stuck in the mesh and that just makes the problem worse. So if you're noticing signs that your drain pipes are stuck, basement's flooding, sink clogged or sewage coming out of your drain when you flush the toilet, than you better alert the plumber right away. Because, as Byron told you, there are things that can be done to forestall total blockage, and allow you to bide time until you have the ability to put in a pipe replacement.

Well, that's it for another episode of "What's New in Plumbing." I'm Boruch Fishman, Folks, have a great day!

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A-1 Plumbing of Baltimore is a Maryland Plumbing Company We do sewer replacements video inspections and water jet cleaning of pipes and sewers.

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