Roof Racks or Trailer Shelving: Which Is the Better Choice?

By: Julia Bennet

The lack of space is a very common problem that vehicle owners all over the world face on a regular basis. No matter how big their vehicle is, there is always the possibility that they will not have adequate space to store all the items that they need to bring on their trip.

It’s a good thing, though, that roof racks and trailer shelving units were invented. These are very handy accessories that can be fitted onto almost any kind of vehicle in order to considerably boost the space for storage, as well as giving the passengers more space to move around without having to bump into boxes and bags every so often.

Both roof racks and trailer shelving can certainly be very helpful in increasing a vehicle’s storage capacity but how does one decide which of these would be the better choice? In order to make the right decision, there are a few things that you would have to consider, starting with the size of the vehicle.

For example, a regular car will obviously not have space inside for any type of shelving unit so the only option for this would be a roof rack. You will still have to select from the many varieties of roof racks available because they come in different sizes, lengths, weight capacities and materials. One important thing to consider is the legal limit that can be carried on a roof rack in your state or country. On the average, a maximum load of 100kg is permissible on top of a vehicle, which includes the weight of the rack itself. This has to be taken into consideration when packing stuff onto any roof rack.

On the other hand, a larger vehicle like a van, a pickup truck or a trailer can be fitted with either a roof rack or shelves. Trailer shelving is particularly useful because the space inside the van of a trailer is already quite large to begin with. Adding shelves along all the interior walls of the trailer can definitely increase the storage capacity of the vehicle, while also making the storage much more organized.

Some people worry about things falling off from trailer shelves during travel, especially when there are a lot of bumpy roads along the route. No matter how neatly the boxes are stacked, this can definitely happen if there are no locks or doors to keep the items in place. This is why if you do choose to go with shelves, it would be advisable to pick those that have a locking mechanism to prevent unnecessary spills of your items while on the road.

It is quite rare for vehicle owners to install both roof racks and trailer shelving onto the same vehicle unless there is really a need for a lot of space. Generally, however, only one of the two would more than suffice to meet the needs of the vehicle owner. With all the available options out there, there is no doubt that the perfect one can be found in no time at all.

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