Roller Skates: A Blast From The Past

By: Mike Eggert

I can remember a time and it seems like only yesterday, that about the only place you saw anyone skating was in a skating rink or maybe on a sidewalk every now and then. This has changed a lot in the last two decades, not only has skating grown in popularity, there are many different types of skates in use today. There are ice skates; roller skates much improved I might add from the early days, roller blade skates, also know as inline skates, all which have their place in our world today.

With the improvement of roller bearings, adjustable wheels, and movable axles, skates are now used for many different functions, and not only in the United States but around the world. It is very common to see different social groups getting together for a skating party. And watching those professional skaters on television is a marvel in itself. There are those who use skating as a form of exercise and some might go for hours exploring different areas of the city where they live or may be visiting.
It is a great way to get around and burn a few calories and at the same time build those leg muscles. There are areas around the country where city's have shut down while thousands take to the streets with there skates for a demonstration of human traffic.

People who skate often say it is very much the same as a runner, once you have been skating for a while you become somewhat addicted and want to go farther the next time out; it becomes a relaxing and peaceful experience. If you are new to skating you might want to give some thought to the kind of skates you purchase and what they most will be used for. There are multi- purpose skates available known as fitness or cross-training and recreational skates. These will tend to be a bit more expensive than some of the others on the market. The point is once you decide what type of skating you will be doing most of the time; get a pair suited for that type of skating. Your sporting goods salesmen will be happy to help you decide.

Roller skating is indeed a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Some will get together with other friends or family members for a day of skating. It makes for a great way to interact and enjoy each others company. If you plan on buying skates for your whole family this could get a little expensive. Keep in mind though that it will be something your family can do together and if you only skate a few times a year it can be a great investment. Your children will learn something they will be able to use to have great fun for many years to come. If some family members are just starting out you might want to consider some safety equipment to go along with the new skates, such as knee pads, elbow pads etc. Even for experienced adults this is a good idea. And everyone, I mean everyone absolutely must wear a helmet while skating.

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