Roles In A Lifecycle For Webcast Technology

By: Hardik Sanghvi

Webcast technology refers to the technical method, stuff, and tools that are used for the entire process from the making of streaming media content up to a user's vision of the content. There are four main roles, which are spread over its whole lifecycle and comes into the picture right from the time of content making. It is then used to organize the content for allocation and also aids it. Finally, webcast technology is used for consumption of the content by the customer. The above four  main roles are discussed in detail in the paragraphs that follow.
Content making
What has to be circulated is known as content. First the content has been created for the webcast. For this, webcast technology such as audio and video capturing and editing tools are used. The technology used at this period includes cameras, microphones, other capturing and editing devices and computer software.
Content sharing
This is the period in which webcast technology helps the preparation of content that was produced in the previous stages to make it fit for broadcast. The technology used at this stage includes encoders and converters, which reduce the content so as to make it appropriate for broadcast through the sharing system, with no choking the bandwidth of the webcast supplier or that at the customers end. while multimedia files are very big in size, this technology reduces their size through the deletion of unneeded data, as well as to depart out such information as would not significantly concern the quality of the webcast content in a negative approach.
The next stage is where the webcast streaming media server comes into the image. This is in the structure of streaming media, protocols of sharing as well as the technology which makes a relationship to the webcast server possible. Thus broadband, dialup, GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, and HSDPA all get up their roles as webcast Internet connection technology and permit the transmission of a webcast to the customer. You can read more about these at
Content utilization
Users, who want to consume the content provided through a webcast, can do this through the use of webcast technology in the structure of client software, and sound and video processing subsystems. The client will hook up to the provider through the use of one of the technologies used for sharing of content such as broadband Internet or GPRS or any other proper mode. The customer will then appeal to watch content from the webcast server, which will then be downloaded to the user's device, reprocessed, and presented to the consumer, who will observe it.
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