Role of Federal Agencies in Establishing US Auto Transport Industry

By: christina john

Although most of the auto transport companies in the car shipping industry are professional but there are few fraud companies operating as well. The federal agencies like the US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration are putting their maximum efforts to establish a fair marketplace for customers. In the last couple of years, several auto transport industries were ordered to shut their operations due to violation of transport rules and exploiting uneducated customers. Due to strict actions of federal agencies, all the companies are now meeting the standards of auto transportation. In addition, the recent statistics show that almost 99% of car shipping activities were accomplished successfully.
However, customers are still advised to conduct a proper research to ensure the company they are hiring is legitimate. The legitimacy of a car shipping company can be determined through various ways. However, the best and authentic way is to verify the company with the agencies that regulate the auto transportation in the United States. If you are hiring an auto shipper for transporting your vehicle to a far location, you must check the company with the following agencies prior to signing the contract:
Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration
The Federal Moto Carrier Safety Administration, a subsidiary of US Department of Transportation particularly deals with the auto carrier industry. It regulates and monitors the auto transport companies for interstate auto shipping. Each company operating in the US auto transport industry is required to register with Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration under a specific USDOT number. Until the USDOT number remains active, the company is considered legitimate.
In order to verify an auto shipper with FMCSA, you must log on to the website of FMCSA for accessing the SaferSys database. The SaferSys database holds the record of each registered company. By entering the particulars (Official name or USDOT number) of auto shipper in the SaferSys search bar, you will be able to access its safety record. Analyze the information and make sure the company has an active USDOT number. In addition, check whether it has Motor Carrier Number (MC) or not. The MC number ensures the company is insured.
Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau works in order to establish a fair market place and rate the companies in the United States. You must verify the company with Better Business Bureau. It will enable you to know the complaints filed against its services as well as credit ratings. Hence, you will be able to know how past customers were dealt by the auto shipper in the past. In addition, the credit ratings enable you to judge the financial stability in the auto transport industry.
American Moving and Storage Association
Some companies work as an individual identity while most of the companies work under reputed network of auto transporters. The most reputed network of moving companies in United States is AMSA. You should check your auto shipper with AMSA. It will give you a peace of mind, if you choose an auto shipping company, which is working under an association like AMSA.

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