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By: Shane Rice

All about Rock landscaping


Want to give a fresh look to your garden? You can go in for rock landscaping. The inclusion of rocks, stones and rock walls can add extraordinariness to your otherwise simple garden. Apart from imparting a natural look and feel to your garden, rocks and rock walls can also be used to provide it a typical rustic color.

Choose the right rock for your Garden

Rocks come in different types of sizes, shapes, forms and colors. Diverse designs necessitate various landscaping rock to get the look you desire. Constructing rock walls with Bush rock, Sandstone and Granite can incorporate more depth and texture to the landscape design. While designing stunning landscape, it is necessary to select and plan the sort of rocks or stones you will use.

Boulders are many times used for landscaping. Right positioning of boulders can add an immensely dramatic effect to the garden. They are just perfect for water features. Think you want to make a cascading waterfall. Just use boulders to surround the waterfall from different sides. This will impart a wonderful look to the waterfall in your garden. Bigger boulders are often used for assigning a driveway or entrance to a garden.

You can also use landscaping stones as a perfect alternative to boulders. They impart a natural look when skirting a small waterfall. Landscaping stones are also perfect for making rock walls or garden pathways.

Flagstones are predominantly used for constructing walkways and patios. These are highly smooth in texture and are available in different sizes, shapes and shades. Flagstones are usually placed on top layer of the sand. Ensure that the flagstones are appropriately placed to give a wonderful design to your garden pathways.

Granite is also a preferred choice of the landscaping artists. This specific rock being versatile can be easily chiseled to make fantastic patio furniture like tables and benches. Wonderful statuaries can also be created by using granite.

Use gardening rocks to their greatest advantage. Pick out the appropriate rock and apply your creative mind to utilize the rockís functionality. Using the right stone and rock will make your landscape design radiate with an awesome natural beauty.

How to make your rock landscaping look natural?

Please donít keep a rock down and think that you have done a great lot of landscaping. Give some additional time and effort to bury the rock. This will make the rock appear planted within the whole landscape. Perform this to add an extra natural look to your landscape.

How to plant a rock within the ground?

Just make a hole in the ground. Make sure that the hole is a bit larger than the base of the rock you are using. Then insert some dirt into the hole and place the rock into it.


Generally the rocks used for landscaping and rock wall construction are durable and are not subject to easy destruction. The landscaping artists and rock wall designers, with their great experience and artistic thought, arrange a flock of rocks most aesthetically closing the joint between them with different plants. Often bonsai is used to conceal the joints.

Brothers Rice is one of the top-notch family-owned companies specializing in rock wall designing. Besides designing and installing rock walls, this Australia based company is also a maestro in boulder wall construction and landscape designing. If you are willing to give a new landscape design to your garden, contact this company.

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Brothers Rice is one of the top-notch family-owned companies specializing in rock wall designing.Besides designing and installing rock walls,this Australia based company is also an expert in boulder wall construction and landscape designing.If you are willing to give a new landscape design to your garden,contact this company.

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