Rock Hard Abs - Did You Know About This Extremely Powerful Exercise That You Can Do At Home?

By: Christian T. Forbes

The abdominal muscles are the major supporting muscles for the front of the torso. They not only support and protect internal organs but also aid the muscles of the low back to align and support the spine for good posture and lifting activities.
Properly developed abdominal muscles serve as a biological girdle to flatten your waistline. Although there is no such thing as spot reducing (fat reduction in only one area), strong abdominal muscles make the area smaller and look tighter even though the fat may still be there.
Presented here is a powerful exercise that will help you to get rock hard abs fast.
If you are an experienced lifter who is ready for a powerful abdominal exercise, consider adding the Twisting Trunk Curl.
Prepare by lying on your back and propping your feet on a chair or weight bench. Your knees and hips should be at 90-degree angles. Fold your arms across your chest.
Inhale and curl you chin to your chest. Contract your abdominal muscles and slowly lift your shoulders off the floor. Twist your torso so that your right shoulder goes toward your left knee. Exhale when you near the highest position and pause at the top of the movement.
Slowly return to the starting position, using your abdominal muscles to control your body on the way down. Keep you chin to your chest until your shoulders touch the floor. Inhale as you lower to the floor.
On the next repetition, twist your torso so that your left shoulder goes toward your right knee. Continue, alternating the direction in which you twist with each repetition.
Your buttocks lift off the floor just prior to the upward movement.
Start the exercise with your head, shoulders, upper back, and low back in contact with the floor. Keep your low back and buttocks in contact with the floor throughout each rep.
Most errors associated with the Twisting Trunk Curl involve speed. You will have a tendency to lurch forward and then quickly fall back to the starting position. Keep the movements slow and controlled in both the upward and downward phase. Slowly lower your upper back, shoulders, and head to the starting position. Pause on the floor before beginning the next repetition.

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