Risks Involved With Abortion

By: James Pen

Back to the basics
Everyone knows what an abortion really is. However, did you know that the safety of the mother is also an issue oftentimes, when it comes to abortion? Yes, when an abortion is done, it not only leads to the death of an innocent unborn child, but also leads to the death of the mother. There have been many reports regarding the implication of abortions on the physical, mental and emotional health of the female. And due to this reason only, measures are being taken worldwide to reduce the abortion rates by stressing on the methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Perforations and lacerations
The most common and immediate complication of abortion is perforation of the uterus and laceration of the cervix. These lacerations and perforations occur because the medical instruments used during abortions make the use of suction and vacuum methods. Also one important thing to be noted is that during the abortion procedure, the gynecologist literally goes in blind! Hence selecting a good doctor with proper experience and skill is of prime importance.
Bleeding and pain
Bleeding and pain normally occur in almost every case but in a limited amount. If bleeding and pain persists, then there are chances of hematoma formation in the uterus and immediate medical care should be taken. Also sometimes pain can be due to the retained products of contraception left inside the uterus. Again for this consultation with the gynecologist should be done.
Sexual dysfunction
Statistics today state that as high as 30 to 50 percent of females suffer from sexual dysfunction after their abortion. It is one of the most common effects and can either be immediate or long term. Although there are various reasons for this, but the thing which should be kept in mind is that this should not lead to problems in the married life of the couples.
Psychological disturbances
Studies show that the incidence of suicides, post traumatic stress disorders and psychological disturbances have been very high after abortions. A study done in Finland revealed that women who have had abortions are four times more likely to commit suicide within one year of their abortions as compared to women who complete their pregnancies. Also, as high as 30 to 60 percent of women either suffers from nervous breakdowns, sleep disturbances, or other psychological problems after their abortions.
This is why women need to undergo abortion only when there is no other way out.

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