Ripstick - Best Toy in 2007

By: Josh Brennon

Not every kid out there finds the skateboard or rollerblades to be the most fun for them to ride. Although the popularity of the two sports are growing tremendously and are extremely fun within their own right, this article is about the other types of extremely fun boards out there. The extreme sport era is here and it is here to stay, so many other toys are being created to fulfill the urge to live extreme. First let us talk about the ever popular kick scooter. Scooter riding used to be for the kid who could not skate. Now you can check out kids doing 720ís and back flips on scooters at The extreme has taken over kick scooters. Even if you cannot do a flip on the scooter they are being built today to be able to do some insane freestyle tricks as well as ride them on ramps. You cannot drive by a local skate park anymore without seeing some kid riding a kick scooter. Not only riding one but a lot of the time they are showing off just like the best skaters are. A kick scooter is a blast to ride and unlike some of the other popular boards you can pretty much open up a scooter jump on and ride. They are very easy to learn but just like anything they take a lot of time and practice to master.

Another hot board on the market right now is the caster board. The two most popular caster boards are the Ripstik and the Wave Board. These boards are designed so that the riderís feet never have to touch the ground. There are only two wheels and the boards completely twist and bend, purposely. Not only that but you can ride these boards at very fast speeds as well as stay balanced going slower then any board or scooter out there. You can make very tight and deliberate turns with the caster board. Riding down a street with people walking, you can just as easily weave through the people on your caster board as you can walk, the balance is amazing. Not only for just riding on the street but on these boards you can ride ramps, and bust out some incredible skateboard style tricks. One draw back is that you can only ride the board in one direction, but that does not stop you from doing kick flips, manuals, ollies, acid drops, hang nines, and tons more awesome tricks. I one time saw someone balance on a 137 foot curb and ride the whole thing. It was awesome. These boards are amazingly versatile, and you will find that you want to bring them wherever you go. It becomes easier to ride a caster board then walk after a while.

These are just a few of the new extreme styles of riding out there for young people. There are always new and inventive toys to look out for. Extremely fun and exciting to ride boards that you may have never tried are right around the corner. Give them a shot because you will probably find that you love them.

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The Ripstick board is a great option to ride if you are not into skateboarding. It is a ton of fun and is super popular. Skateboards are awesome to ride and will always be. But the new growing toy is the ripstick.

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