Riboflavin As A Migraine Treatment

By: EileenDavies

Riboflavin, commonly known as the B2 vitamin, is suspected to help reduce the amount of migraine headaches that you have. This is particularly good news for migraine sufferers that have not had success with other migraine treatments.

Riboflavin is one of the eight kinds of B vitamins that can be dissolved in water, and it is an important aspect to helping the body turn ingested carbohydrates into the sugars that are used for energy. A lack of riboflavin in your diet can be one of the reasons why you are experiencing migraines headaches.

There aren't generally many foods that contain riboflavin naturally, so it is usually added so that you have the opportunity to eat the right amounts every day. Foods with naturally occurring riboflavin include milk, yogurt, wild rice, mushrooms, broccoli, and eggs. Foods that have added riboflavin include most cereals and some kinds of flour.

You can also take riboflavin as a vitamin supplement. It should be included in a multivitamin, but different multivitamins have different levels of riboflavin. Make sure you select one that has at least 100% but not more than 300% of the daily amount that is recommended. There are some medications that will have a negative interaction with certain levels of riboflavin, so it is important to discuss this with your doctor before starting any supplements.

Side effects of riboflavin are minimal. They can include slight itching, localized numbness, and a sensitivity to light. They are usually temporary and will subside after your body adjusts, but if you notice additional side effects or if these persist you must tell your doctor.

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