Rheumatoid arthritis ra causes and treatment

By: Swit Milody

Rheumatoid arthritis ra

Rheumatoid arthritis ra is the most common among all the types of this disease that are available. A majority of women have been known to be affected by the disease. These are women who are in various stages of life with some being adults and others just children.

It is a disorder that is distinguished by swelling in most of the joints. Apart from swelling, pain is also a common factor with stiffness also being experienced all over. This makes it hard to for one to move especially in the advanced cases where it may end up infecting a majority of all the internal organs. The symptoms shown may not always be a true reflection of the damage that has already taken place. Visiting a doctor for a comprehensive test is always the best way to know on the status of one's health.

Damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis ra may be permanent in nature if treatment is not sought. Movement of joints as well as deformities is some of the permanent dangers of the disease. When this happens, performance of everyday activities may decrease as a result of the pain being experienced.

The dangers of the disease are wide depending on the states that it is at. People with the disease are more likely to be affected by heart related diseases like the congestive heart failure. This is a rate that is higher than that of the people who have not been affected.

It is a disease that is a regular source of disability status the world over. The accumulated costs associated with the treatment of the disease among the people who have the disease in the world are ones that run in to billions of dollars. All this is incurred with hope that one will get better. After being infected with the disease, most adults are not able to continue working after a number of years.

This is despite the fact that the cause of the disease is still unknown. Some of the factors that are known to contribute to its occurrence include smoking as well as other environmental related factors.

The main purpose of the treatment offered is to reduce the pain that the patient is experiencing. Swelling as well as the stiffness also has to be worked on in a bid to increase the movements of the joints. The doctor also has to offer some drugs which will attempt to slow the damage that is happening to the joints. New methods are being developed with the hope that they will provide better relief.

Treatment available for use includes the use of therapy. It may not be as effective as the use of medicines, but it helps to reduce the pain as well as the stiffness. Rheumatoid arthritis ra is a disease that can affect any person regardless of their age. As much as the cause of the disease is not know, treatment may help slower the disease advance and allow one to live an almost normal life.

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