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By: Hotty Cheril

To get the best possible outcome you must rewrite a plr article. The reason why this is a must is because plr articles are made available in bulk often given away free or from a membership site.

Imagine having three or four hundred, or even two or three, angels on top of a Christmas tree.

They basically will not all fit at the top and so it is with search engines and the same article. All of the same plr articles will not fit at the top, only one, will find position 1 or even one on the first page of any search engine.

Now to rewrite plr articles, you either have to be very talented knowing the English language quite well or you use software. Article rewriting programs are available and often automate the process for you but they too, have their problems.

Article rewriting software will either condense the article into snippets that defeats the purpose. They may change the first, middle and last paragraph to unique wordings, but that too still leaves the rest of the article in duplicate.

The correct way and the easiest way to rewrite plr articles is to use software that is designed to change each word of the article. By changing each word in the plr article you will come up with a totally unique article that is not duplicate in content.

Magic Article Rewriter is such a software program that allows you to rewrite the article by changing words and then using the software you generate many articles, all unique containing NO duplicate content that you can submit to article directories, place them on your site and swap with other webmasters.

I personally use this software. I believe I have a sound knowledge of the English language but I must admit when I use this software I am able to rewrite the whole article using words that are more appropriate.

Such as the word “Firstly”. Using the software I can change that word with “Beforehand” or “Prior to” and many other variations. What I will eventually produce will be a well written article using words that describe precisely what I am trying to say.

Well this article will discuss one technique where you can write one article and then using Magic Article Rewriter software, to spin that very same article, not once, not twice but hundreds of times ensuring that each single spun article will be unique and contain no duplicate content.

Using software for many applications such as RSS and Article directory submissions takes away the amount of time required to submit hundreds of feeds or articles. Software saves time and also saves effort.

Magic Article Rewriter is such a piece of software that will turn any article into many articles that contain all unique content. One of these spun articles can then be submitted to one article directory, the second spun article to the next article directory and so on. Each article directory will have one unique article focused on the theme of the original article.

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To see the software in action I recommend you watch the video at Magic Article Rewriter where you can read detailed information and view a video on the software in action.

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