Revitalash Helps Obtain You Beautiful Lashes That Speak In Itself

By: Alvin T. Rosen

Everyone likes to look beautiful. A beautiful face is a treat to watch. Eyes are a very important and striking feature of the face. And longer eyelashes can make them look much more beautiful. They also perform the function of protecting the eye from dust & other foreign objects. Different people have different types of eyelashes, long or short and thick or thin. Some have the perfect eyelashes while others envy them.

A lot of cosmetic products are available in the market to make the eyelashes look more beautiful and defined. But there is one product that actually makes them grow long & thick. The name of the product is revitalash. This product was developed by an ophthalmologist named Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff. There is a touching story behind the origin of this product. Dr. Michael’s wife Gayle suffered from breast cancer and while she was undergoing treatment, due to chemotherapy and the strong medications she had lost her eyelashes. So for his wife, Dr. Brinkenhoff and his expert team developed a conditioner that would bring back her long & thick enviously appreciated eyelashes back.

Some of the ingredients used to make this product are Deionized water, Sodium, Benzalkonium chloride, Panthenol, ProVitamin B5 and Formula LashGro. These chemicals are very potent, hence effective yet dangerous at the same time. This is the very same reason that revitalash gets such mixed reviews.

Many women who have tried this product are happy with the results. Many say that this conditioner has made their eyelashes look better and more beautiful. Changes have been seen in just 3 to 8 weeks within the first use of this serum. It has in it proteins & vitamins which give strength to the lashes and the roots. It is said that it does not contain hormones, parabens or salicylates. It makes the eyelashes grow and makes them thick, thus making them look fuller.

But the chemicals present in this serum being potent as they are also known to cause some side effects. There have been reports that it causes irritation and dryness in the eye itself and the area or skin around it. It can also cause redness. Many people have said that after using this serum, the new lashes that were grown were dry and brittle. Thus after some time they break or fall off, undermining the whole point of using the product.

So, people are advised to use the product carefully and study the effects that it can cause. Different people have had different results and if it does not suit any person than she should stop using it immediately. This product was originally designed for cancer patients who had lost their hair to chemotherapy. Parts of profits earned by selling revitalash go to cancer aids. Neulash is another serum to enhance the eyelashes. This product moisturises and rejuvenates the eyelashes by releasing essential nutrients into the roots to offer maximum protection from dryness. People who have short, dry eyelashes can use this enhancer that is styled just like eyeliner to make them look shiny & more beautiful.

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