Review of Duvet Dollars Product

By: Wiseman

Duvet Dollars was released only a couple of weeks ago and has attracted a surprisingly large following amongst affiliates. Duvet Dollars is written by a lady called Victoria, in which she pertains to reveal her "Secrets", pun intended.

After going through duvet dollars high octane sales letter, I was ready to make a purchase despite the name (which I think you'll agree is a bit silly).

Affiliate marketing education, much like any specialized knowledge is very much like a pyramid. The bulk of the information, found at the bottom of the pyramid, is readily available on forums, blogs and sites.

Once you start putting that knowledge to good use and the profits follow, you of course end up thirsting for the higher spheres of information. This information is rare as the oxygen atop Mount Everest. On the other hand, it is a rewarding quest since, in these higher levels, the smallest tidbit of information can act as a lever that makes every campaign you run more profitable.

Thus it was that Duvet Dollars, with its well written sales letter, captivated my imagination and had me salivating for a morsel of obscure truth or arcane affiliate science.

I bought the book on March 11th and read it immediately.

Unfortunately, I was soon disappointed to see the ebook contained more fluff than the proverbial goose down duvet cover. As I continued wading through its pages, my unsatisfied appetite continued to grow and my stomach rumbled for something of sustenance.

Alas it was not to be found in the main manual of Duvet Dollars. The ebook did however redeem itself of its shortcomings by providing several bonus chapters.

This was where the real meat of the matter was to be found. If these bonus chapters should indeed have been tagged as extras and not inserted directly into the guide itself is a good question up for debate. The only thing that does seem certain is this ebook follows a pattern surprisingly similar to that of Chris McNeeney's Adwords Miracle, a manual I would not hesitate to recommend.

In the interest of fairness, Duvet Dollars is not a bad manual. In fact the new comer to the wide and profitable world of affiliate marketing would undoubtedly be getting his money's worth. There not lies the trouble with this well written guide.

Rather it is that Duvet Dollars does not stand tall in comparison to other guides that compete for the same reader.

In the author's humble opinion, a guide such as Affiliate Project X would be apt to provide more value and insight than would Duvet Dollars.

Sadly, it appears that the new book does not go beyond its predecessors and even offers less value than the originals, like the tired sequels that attract followers from the recognition and fame gained by the pioneer.

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