Review Of The DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Maker

By: Stephen Tern

There is enormous interest in the DeLonghi Magnifica automatic espresso machine at present. The reviews of those who have actually bought one of these machines quickly make it evident that it performs exceptionally well.
Bean-to-cup espresso machines come pretty close to fully automatic coffee production in the home or office and once mastered, the operation is pretty simple.
Theres a tank for water, a hopper for coffee beans and you're just about ready to brew. Once the machine is turned on, the beans are measured out, ground to espresso grade and tamped down into the infuser .
The heated water is then pumped at 15 bar pressure, through the coffee, into the cups.
A steam wand fitted with a frother head can be used to froth up some milk for cappuccino or latte if you want.
All very fine, and when set up properly the DeLonghi Magnifica performs extremely well. You have total control over all the variables:-
The coarseness of the grinding - it must be fine enough but not too fine or the water will not get through the grounds.
The measured amount of coffee going to the grinder, and the volume of water used per brewing
The number of cups, one or two
The temperature and pressure of the steam
The knack is to square all these variables so that you get the strength and quantity of coffee that you want. DeLonghi set up their machines to an extent before dispatch, but you have to be prepared to experiment a bit to get the right result.
There are several other useful features:-
After each brewing, the spent coffee is cleared out from the infuser, into a waste tank. An alarm warns you when it is full.
The maker is programmed to rinse itself out periodically through the day
You can use ready-ground coffee if you wish
Another alarm tells you when the machine needs to be descaled.
On the whole the DeLonghi Magnifica is a top-performing espresso machine. The essential thing to keep in mind is that you need to learn how to use it - do that and you won't be disappointed.
It's perhaps worth mentioning that these machines are proving increasingly popular in the office as well as at home, as the taste of proper coffee gets more important. It's a great way to improve the working conditions of your employees And it's got to look better than an old kettle and pot of instant!

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