Returning Enjoyment To Your Home Through Cuponk

By: Garrett Mickley

We all have our wish lists, whether it is for the holiday season, a birthday, or just because. The fact is we are all human and we all desire nice things and fun things. One thing that should not be missed is putting Cuponk on your wish list so that you can have years of fun and entertainment.

Fun For Everyone!

It is great fun for adults and kids alike. It is also great fun for adults to play with kids or people their own age. No matter what your physical condition, no matter what your age or gender, you can create a memorable evening by inviting people to play Cuponk with you.


The game involves performing trick shots, where the ball must make its way into the special cup in a way that is directed on the trick cards you have drawn. Consumers will get a special cup that will light up and make sounds when the special balls make their way into the cups. There is a deck of cards that depicts the different tricks the players are expected to perform.


One of the best things about it is that it is an inexpensive form of entertainment. This will normally retail for under $30, so it is a great investment toward quality entertainment at any time of the day or night, all year long.

The Rules Of The Game

Is an easy game to play that involves using any item in your home, so long as the ball gets banked into the cup. There are never two games alike, as there are so many different interferences that can change the game so quickly. One of the best bonuses of this particular game is that all the family age groups can play together because there are no great skills required. Like this, it can really form great family bonds. As for the balls damaging any part of your home, there should be no worry because they are very light. It's kind of like Beer Pong Rules, but without the beer.

Fun For A Long Time

Unfortunately, we live in a time where there is global economic insecurity. That means people have to tighten their belts and stay home more often. Staying home and watching television is okay once in a while, but doing it all the time is really wasting time. Making it more exciting by laughing and having good times is the way it should be.

A Family Event

Lets face it, it is only the pleasant things that remain in our memories, and those involved being with people we love, having a good time, laughing and doing silly things. It is probably safe to say that watching television would not be a memorable moment.

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If you plan to spend a lot of time at home, if you have a family and need to find ways to bond with the rest of them, try Cuponk. Not only will it help you do this, but you will be able to enjoy it for several years. Find a reason to give it to your child or your partner, or make it a special gift for yourself and special memories you want to create.

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