Return of Rama - I, Rama – King of Ayodhya

By: King of Ayodhya

My Tale: Who am I and what just happened

Life is just a string of memories in a varied sequence and though we may never acknowledge it,
we all know it. However, it just gets more evident as the curve begins to end at the dusk of one’s
Now, why would this be happening and why, to me? I would often wonder in my youth.
With no answers coming from people who could see beyond time, it was quite disappointing.
However, today I can smile without attached emotions and in simple words say ‐ it all makes

The rock that I sit on now is very familiar. It has not moved an inch since I was here ages ago and
today it knows me as I was then.Ramayana Books I see the river Sarayu; she seems to be wearing a Golden Fleece
woven from the rays of the evening sun, like a beautiful celestial dancer descended from the
heavens above to enter the lush green forests looking for her lost love.

The gentle breeze touches the locks of my hair, just the way Sita would run her fingers through
them. Although her smile has faded, her memories have not. Sita, my love, very soon we will be
together; I smiled to myself.

Thinking thus, I turned towards the direction of the big palace, fascinated at the high,
intimidating walls and watchtowers with armed soldiers all over standing guard.

The sun’s warm evening rays soak the city, rivers and forests alike. Like a righteous king, he has
always been impartial spreading his warmth and would continue to do so for a long time, even
after the age of humans has ended.

Today, I see him in the regal splendor of his setting at dusk, compared it to myself and thought,
my life, as a mortal is to end soon. But the sun must rise again. And I will too.
I bow to him, the Sun. I salute you for all that you have given to be in this world so far!

The forest below looked serene.Story Of Sita And Rama The shrill sound of the black buck and the chirping of the
evening mynah seemed to add to the serenade of the calm forest. The magic was such that I
could not only hear them sing, but even their language made sense to me.
Today, as I listen to Mother Nature’s songs, I feel at peace that she is free. So much that my
quiver does not edge anymore, in fact I do not even feel it!

I believe that my aim has now been fulfilled. This nation that spans from the river Tigris in the
West to the kingdom of the Great Yellow River is all set to expand and move into other lands
beyond the seas.

Human evolution in this terrain is evident.

The morals and rules that have so far held well may not be so in the future. However, the ones
that understand the nature and those that blend with it and live for others become immortal.
I close my eyes with a wry smile; would my story live across the ages? My life has been a full circle, with its fair share of thrills and mistakes.

A profound smile escapes my lips; did I act on my own will or was I simply influenced and driven by others? Only time will tell. The deer that walks by me seems to recognize me as I was a few years ago. On this thought, I
wondered about how would the story of my life portray itself for a time in the future that will not
know me in flesh and blood.

It is, but clear, that I have to end on my part for now and the flow must go on. The plan that has
been set must continue ahead.

May be it is time, to tell my tale, the way I have seen it.
As my elders would say, nobility is defined by the way one conducts his life. I hope my acts and
ideals pave a better avenue for the future life of humans.

Thinking thus… I, Rama –King of Ayodhya, bring you my side of the story.

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