Responsibilities of a translation company

By: George Velvet

The main responsibility of a translation company is to translate texts from one language into another, while preserving the same meaning. The importance of preserving the meaning of the phrases and idioms translated to another language is mandatory.

Sometimes, a word that means something in a certain context can be translated to a word that means something else. Thus, another responsibility of a translation agency is to adapt the translated text to make sure it refers to the same things as the original text.

In general, translation companies hire professional translators that can speak, read, write, and understand not only the most common languages like English, French, Dutch or German, but also some uncommon languages, as well, like Hungarian, Slovenian, or Finnish.

These translators can work from the comfort of their home or gather at the company's headquarters. They can specialize in a certain translation field, such as the medical field or the military one, or they can provide general translations.

Once a translation company signs a contract with a person or company that wants a certain text to be translated, it agrees to have the translation completed within a certain period of time. The responsibility that the company must accomplish is to provide the translation before the deadline.

Another responsibility is to provide the translation in the same format as the original text. In other words, if the text was provided on actual pieces of paper, the translation needs to be written on paper, too; if the text was transmitted online, the translation has to be sent online, as well.

Companies specialized in New York translation services also have the responsibility of delivering an accurate translation and having the same length as the original text, if possible. To keep the same meaning of a text, translators could use more words than necessary, but adding supplementary words would overload the translation.

Therefore, translators need to pay attention to the length of the original document and try to provide a document similar in length, at the end of the translation work. A much longer document could prove difficult to read and understand.

Usually, New York translation services are provided without the help of any computer software. However, some programs are very good indeed and can ease the work of a human translator. With their help, translations can be undertaken faster and, sometimes, much more accurate.

Translation software can translate highly specific terms like those found in the medical field, in academic papers, or in technical manuals. That is why this type of computer programs are used by translators, because they can help with the translation of a fairly difficult document.

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