Responsibilities of a social media manager

By: Cesar Muler

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to succeed in the business world without having an online presence. But promoting your products or services online requires a lot of time. For this, you need to hire a social media manager that would deal with the creation, development and implementation of your social media strategy.

As imagined, the number one priority of a social media manager is to manage to engage more and more potential clients on social media websites and increase sales. To achieve this, the manager has to communicate effectively, be very sociable online, have a lot of friends and followers, and present your products or services in an honest manner.

This kind of manager is responsible not only for posting on various social media websites, but also for writing relevant content on your company's website. It is important to have pages or profiles on social media websites, but it is equally important to have your very own website where to present your products or services and even allow your customers to purchase them without having to visit your brick-and-mortar store.

Online businesses are very well seen today, especially when our lifestyles become increasingly dynamic. People prefer to search for products or services while using their computers or mobile devices, instead of wasting time traveling to a certain store, discussing with a representative there, and eventually leaving the store without finding what they needed.

With an online store, everything is much easier, from searching for a product or service to actually buying it, and from communicating with an online representative to paying for the product or service you want to purchase. That is why, besides having several social media profiles, it is recommended that companies benefit from their own website, as well.

Whether the online manager activates in retail marketing or wholesale marketing, he or she needs to pay attention to the feedback provided by their potential customers. In other words, the manager needs to reply to any comment received on a social media page or on their website, to show their customers the company cares about them and their opinions.

It is considered that an online manager represents the most important senses of a company. He or she communicates with existing and potential customers, responds to their inquiries, moderates community interactions, keeps track of friends and followers, sees how many commentators transform into actual buyers, generates reports based on the number of clicks, popular posts, or number of views and creates social media campaigns.

In retail marketing, as well as in wholesale marketing, negative comments are not very well seen. However, it is important to approve some negative comments, as well, to show your visitors that you take their opinion into consideration, but only if those comments are pertinent and not vulgar. If they are written just to make you feel bad, delete them without remorse.

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