Resolving Vaginal Dryness

By: James Pendergraft

There are a number of reasons why a woman suffers from the discomfort of vaginal dryness. Resolving the problem of vaginal dryness, however, can be easily addressed by a few solutions no matter what the cause of such a problem may be. The solutions a woman can employ when faced with vaginal dryness can include numerous remedy choices. There are treatments that employ the use of certain medication, changes in diet, changes in lifestyle, herbal remedies, and even holistic or ayurvedic strategies.

Vaginal Dryness Solutions

When faced with the predicament called vaginal dryness, a woman can find solutions for such a problem with any of these treatments and remedies. The remedy you choose can be one or a combination of the following:

Keep yourself hydrated. This is probably one of the simplest solutions to this problem. Water is the main ingredient of this remedy and avoiding such dehydrating beverages like alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, as much as possible, can help keep vaginal dryness away. If you are suffering from chronic dehydration, you may need to seek other solutions for this problem.

Choose your feminine hygiene products carefully. When choosing products for cleansing the vaginal area, make sure you are choosing pH-balanced products that are devoid of chemical deodorants or of antibiotic substances. The use of bubble baths, feminine hygiene sprays, and other similar products should also be avoided. Even douches should be avoided unless your doctor prescribes the use of such drying vaginal medication.

What you eat affects your vaginal dryness. Some women do not know that what they eat can affect the creation of estrogens, which in turn can affect your vagina’s moisture levels. A balanced diet that includes a healthy amount of healthy fats as well as the other nutrients your body needs can help keep the moisture levels at a normal level.

Increase your soy intake. This is another fact that a lot of women are not privy to. Soy can help with solving the problem of vaginal dryness that a woman suffers from with the help of what is called phytoestrogens. Aside from soy, other food sources that have phytoestrogens to help combat vaginal dryness include apples, cherries, flaxseed, celery and nuts, to name a few.

Take certain supplements to help with vaginal dryness. There are certain supplements that can help ease the problem of vaginal dryness and taking these supplements can help. Certain supplements that you take should include beta carotene, vitamin A and the vitamin B family. Even omega-3 supplements can help.

Use tried and tested vaginal lubricants. Natural vaginal lubricants can also help you when suffering from vaginal dryness. You can try using a small dab of some of these natural oils, like grape seed oil and sweet almond, after bathing to help restore your vagina’s natural moisture. You can also use some of the commercial water-based and glycerin-free lubricants that are formulated to be more like your natural moisture.

Vitamin E suppositories can help as well. Ask your pharmacist or your doctor about these suppositories. You can actually purchase these moisturizing suppositories from health food stores. Some pharmacies also sell these without prescription.

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