Residential Intercoms - A Popular Trend

By: Christoffer X Altesino

Residential intercoms are becoming more commonplace in new construction as people are more concerned about safety and not opening their doors to strangers. Residential intercoms can range from a simple voice intercom wired into the front door area for less than thirty ($30) dollars without labor to units with CD changers, radios, video feed and up to twenty remote stations for over two ($2000) thousand dollars. What you finally decide on for your residential intercoms will depend on what you want the system to do. If all you want to do is to be able to talk to who is on your porch and determine whether to let them in then a simple wired intercom will suffice.
If you are worried about even speaking with someone then you will probably want a unit with video capability. This is especially true for areas where crime may be higher or you have been a victim of stalking or harassment. Being able to see the person at your front door before deciding to even speak is great to have.
The M&S Music System is one of their residential intercoms offered online for a few hundred dollars. By adding a color camera, video receiver, CD changer and multiple remotes you can have music throughout the house and be able to view visitors in any light conditions or weather. The MC302 features twelve watts (12W) of power that can drive up to eight intercom or room speakers and up to three door speakers. It includes a hands free intercom system and the music system has eight presets for both AM and FM and no knobs to turn. All music controls are electronic push buttons for bass, treble and loudness. You can answer the door from any room for added safety. You can purchase an optional hand held remote that will adjust the music source, loudness and channels from any room. There is also an optional remote can speaker that also allows you to control the system from any room.
Other additional options include adding a video camera with color receiver, a CD player or a CD changer for six CDs. By adding the six CD changer, three room speakers and a door speaker your original cost of just over four hundred dollars morphs into a whopping twelve hundred dollars. In this age of electronic music files I find it anachronistic that M&S still offers a cassette player as an optional music source and charges nearly three hundred dollars for it.

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