Reset And Refresh - Ways To Bring Your Home Business To Newer Heights

By: Bruce Gilchrist

Every beginning of the year, a lot of people are probably looking back to assess how business had been doing the past 12 months. Were you able to accomplish sustained growth or is your business currently stuck on a plateay and you've reached this wall of frustration that's blocking your way ahead?

Anyone who's been into network marketing must have reached this wall at a certain point. It's that phase when you lose momentum as things turn mundane and you wonder if you will really experience success in your undertaking. And you know that the only way to move forward is to go over this wall - that's how the top producers in network marketing got to where they are now.

You'll only need to do something very simple in case you're experiencing this dilemma in your home-based business - Reset and Refresh. It doesn't help at all to sulk and be sorry for yourself when things aren't going the way you expected. The negative energy won't get you anywhere - be kind to yourself and put your finger on that RESET button now.

The whole world doesn't know of your frustration so NO ONE will be coming over to offer you a shoulder to cry on - unless of course you tell them. Added to that, nobody really likes listening to horror stories on how bad you're doing so there's really no use telling people about it.

Rejection is a common aspect of the networking business and everyone has had his fair share of rejection when searching for new prospects. So don't count the times you've been rejected - focus on how you respond to rejection instead. Do you allow rejection to discourage you from moving forward or do you use it to rework your approach so you can do a better job when dealing with your next prospect?

Here's one very importan thing to keep in mind - the next prospect you'll be approaching doesn't know a bit that the last one just turned you down. So thing of every new prospect as a FRESH START - a brand new person who might be willing to work with you.

Off To A New Start…

Always remember why you are in this business to start with. When we focus too much on what we have not accomplished yet, we tend to forget our purpose for being here. Whenever you're weighed down, pause for a moment to recall what got you into this business. Surely, it was because you saw a possibility. And possibilities are endless. You didn't have anything accomplished when you first started out in this business, but look at how far you've gone and what you have accomplished. And it was because your thoughts were a hundred percent on the possibilities.

If you currently find yourself facing that invisible wall and are quite frustrated, DON'T focus on what you have not accomplished. Set your eyes, heart and soul on newer possibilities. Press the reset button and start anew. Let that enthusiasm and drive you have back them flow through your veins and don't let the fear of rejection take over. If you do get rejected in the process, simply move on to the next prospect. You're in this business because of the endless possibilities and you must keep this attitude alive at all times.

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Bruce Gilchrist has been afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis since he was 21. He is in his golden years now but still works actively over the internet doing research and writing about how to build your business from home. This has kept him quite productive despite the health challenge he is living with. Check out more stuff from Bruce at his blog: Earn Money From Home

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