Renovation ideas for a green home

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

Actually there are many houses which are totally incongruous for us and the environment, as these have been constructed with detrimental synthetic materials. Realizing the severity of this problem, we can see a new trend popping up in the society, that is called Eco friendly living and people are now renovating and restoring their houses in a way, which is beneficial not only for them but for environment as well.

People are using green products, which are not treated with any type of chemical during the whole manufacturing process. For example, paints are available these days which are devoid of VOCs, thus these do not cause any harm to our environment. Moreover, insulations made of recycled materials, like cork, bamboo or cotton, are available in the market. With the whole lot of options available in the market you can easily find something for you. Wood is also an available option for restoration of home in a green way. If you want to give a contemporary look to your home, then you can go for the other recycled goods, in fact to the surprise of many, it is now also possible to have a kitchen counter made up of recycled paper.

The large variety of green materials available in the market is not only safe for our environment but is also very durable and quite easy to maintain, and this is the reason why green products are gaining so much of popularity, as compared to the traditional materials used for renovation. However, as everything has a downside, so does these. One main problem related to different green materials is that these are not as easily available as the traditional renovation materials. To look for these, the best way is to do some search online, as in this way you can get the contact details of manufacturers and retailers, who deal in green materials.

Apart from building materials, there are many other ways of going green at home. For example, instead of traditional lights, one can go for skylights that use sunlight. Going for solar energy is always a recommended way. It can be used in number of ways, for heating water, for heating outer pool, for producing electricity etc. Apart from all this, some other simple ways of going green are reinstating traditional windows with dual-pane windows, selecting natural insulation and choosing flooring options made from recycled materials.

Going green in every aspect of our life is the demand of the time. We have to be more conscious about this and have to go for greener alternatives. Going for a green home is one of the best ways of joining the green movement. It is one trend which is gaining popularity and we can see many celebrities, flaunting this style of living these days. So, implement all these ideas in your home and flaunt this new difference in your life.

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