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There have been gamers since the creation of the first game. Games have gone through a lot of phases and have developed a lot. Today we can find games which fantastic graphics, great sounds and the characters are truly realistic to humans. Buying new games has always been a habit of a gamer and even today we feel the need of a new game every day. Buying new games is not cheap and we need a fortune to buy a new collection. Buying new games may be tough for the first time but if you are a veteran gamer you already own a huge collection and you can sell those games CDs and get cash for CDs to buy new games.

Selling old games for cash is very easy and it is the best way of making money to buy new games. You do not play the old games anymore as they have lost their excitement and you already know it all by heart. Instead of investing more money into buying games it is better to recycle your collection and bring in new ones without spending anymore from your pocket. Get cash for DVDs and buy new games while your pocket money is still undisturbed and you will have money to spend on your other needs also. Before you get all excited about selling your old games and earn money on them you need to first bring all the old CDs in one place. Collect every old CD you find in your house and take them to your room.

Now that you have the games in one place keep every CD in its correct case and check them all to have their instruction manuals too. Remove all broken, scratched and dented CDs and DVDs from the stack as they cannot be sold. Dispose off the trashed CDs in an appropriate manner. Now that you have finalized the lot you have to sell, get cash for CDs by selling them all. There are different ways to sell your old games. The oldest way to sell your old stuff is by a garage sale. You can host one and put a price tag on every CD so that people would know what to pay you for the CDs. There is a slight problem with the garage sale, there is no guarantee that every CD would be sold so you might be left with many CDs unsold. Even taking the lot to games shops would not be a good idea as they too might choose some from all the CDs and you would still have some remaining.

Get cash for DVDs and CDs by selling them on the internet. Sell them on the sites which buy old games from gamers like you and me. Now you can sell every game you have taken out to be sold and you can get the money for old games. Use the money to buy new games now. You can buy them on the internet or take the money to a game shop and buy new games you have always wanted.

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