Remedies for Improper Oral Hygiene

By: David Hodges

In today's world everyone is in hurry,no one has time to take care of themselves.But if we can take care of our each and every task,then why do we ignore our health? It's probably no surprise that a bright,white smile can make us appear younger and more attractive.Teeths are important in many ways as for personality development,for tearing,grinding and chewing food etc.If we take care of them, they'll take care of us.Strong, healthy teeth help us chew the right food which help us to grow. They help us speak clearly.
And yes, they help us look best as --

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

These days oral hygiene is one of the greatest issue throughout the world. Tooth decay and gum disease represent most of the teeth problems but complete tooth loss,bad breath,bleeding gums,oral cancer, trauma to the mouth, malocclusion and facial anamolies also contribute.

If you are facing such oral problems then lots of remedies are there.
Dental Implant
A dental implant or false tooth is a great way to replace a missing tooth or to add stability to a loose denture. The Doctor will place a titanium implant that simulates the root of a tooth into the jawbone. There is then usually a period of healing where the patient bone heals around the implant and the implant becomes part of the bone.

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the tissues connected to those teeth. It is made of acrylic plastic and sometimes porcelain and metal materials. A denture closely resembles natural gum tissue and teeth.Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remains.

Braces are a small square or round attachment placed on each tooth during specific stages of orthodontic treatment.They may be made from Nickel Titanium,Silver.

Clear Aligner Systems
Clear Aligner is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed for minor teeth movement of patients 14 and older. Clear Aligner technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward, backward using exact impressions taken by dentist and custom-made

Root Canal Treatment
Root canals treatment (also called a root canal) is done when decay will likely damage or has already killed a tooth. During root canals treatment, a dentist or endodontist removes the pulp from the center of a tooth and fills the pulp cavity. This can prevent the development of a painful infection in the pulp that may spread to other teeth.

Root Planing
Root planing and scaling are therapeutic (which means designed to heal) and time-consuming treatments to remove toxins (poisons) and bacteria from the root surfaces of the teeth.

Besides all above points, there are several other kinds of remedies that may prevent you from oral problems like cleaning(removal of plaque), periodontal therapy, filling etc.So, it is wise to take care of proper dental oral hygiene as soon as possible.

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David Hodges is a prominent dental specialist , and professor of dental surgery in East London. In the present article he is sharing his views and advice on improper oral hygieneremedies like root canals treatment and dental implant

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