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By: Joseph Harris

Although the idea of relocating is filled with promise of a better life, it is meanwhile highly stressful. So much so in fact that famous psychologist Seyle described it as among the most stressful life events next to loss in the family or losing a job. Often it involves saying farewell to the life you have come to know, parting with vast quantities of money and taking a big gamble on the subsequent property. Making it as easy as you can then is of the utmost importance when you're already going through that kind of stress then the last thing you need is to have to deal with countless different logistical issues and things going missing or getting broken. Here we will look at how to do this and how to make your move so much easier that you might end up considering a career in logistics.

Removals Service

First and foremost a removals service is something you should definitely consider. Using a removals service you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of work you have to do yourself and you will have the benefit of having someone else physically move your things which saves you time and stress and also helps to avoid a damaged back (you think moving is stressful try doing it with a trapped nerve in your spine!). At the same time though a removals company also knows how best to pack and unpack in order to make the whole movement as efficient as possible and to avoid things going missing or boxes getting in the way of each other.

Designate a Room

When you first start packing you risk the problem of having boxes EVERYWHERE and all over your floors and in every room. This is bad news, but there is a simple solution, that being to designate one room as the 'packed items room' and putting all of your boxes in there. This way they won't get in the way of the furniture you are trying to move, and at the same time they won't put off potential buyers. You can also this way further avoid any injuries or broke goods by not having lots of boxes under everyone's feet.

Use Storage

One of the most complicated aspects of moving home is timing it all and you will find that this can be quite difficult if the day you move out does not coincide with the day you move in and you have a few days in between. The easiest way to solve this problem is to get storage which will allow you to put your belongings at least somewhere where they will be safe and where they won't go missing. Even if you have a day or two to move your things this can be a big rush and that means it may be prudent to invest in storage for a few days.

Start Early

Don't make the mistake of putting off something you don't want to do. As with all such situations, the sooner you start the less you will rush and the less chance there will be of things going awry.

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