Relishing The Challenge Of Blue Marlin Fishing

By: Ben Pate

Blue marlin fishing is considered the epitome of offshore fishing. This much desired sport requires a special skill due to the size and strength of this fish. It is also somewhat rare, making sighting and catching a special thrill. Due to the specialized gear required, it can be quite an expensive sport. Gear and style of fishing varies according to the size of fish sought, as well as fisherman preference.

There are three types of gear to be used in catching this fish. First, there is the artificial lure. There is also rigged natural and live bait. Different fishermen prefer different types of gear. This gives the thrill of choosing the type that will more effectively entice the fish sought with marlin fishing charters.

Artificial lures can be used for all marlin, from the smallest to the largest. They particular type used depends on what size fish you are wanting to catch. These fish are a very aggressive species. They are very attracted to the action of these lures and how they look in the water. The lures are constructed of a head made from plastic or metal, with an added plastic skirt. This specialized construction give the lure it special action. This challenges the fisherman to adjust the construction to get the greatest action for the fish sought.

When a fisherman wants to make their custom gear, they can take natural bait and wrap it with wire or string to a hook or combination of hooks. The manner in which it is tied allows for the unique action some fishermen pride themselves on. They sometimes even add artificial lures to make skirted baits, making a combination of bait and lure.

Live bait fishing is perhaps the most challenging. The bait has to be trolled slowly enough to keep it alive but fast enough to entice the fish. Tuna is the commonly used bait with skipjack being the preferred species. This type of fishing is best used in small areas with huge concentrations of fish. It is best used near FAD (Fish Aggregation Device) buoys or around underwater ledges where fish are congregated.

It is not easy to land a marlin. The battle sometimes takes as much as six hours of very involved, heavy struggle to land one. Even working this long, there is the possibility that you will lose your catch at the last minute. Fisherman can share in the attempt to catch this fish, working in teams, relieving each other when fatigued until the fish is finally caught.

There is the choice of killing the fish or simply tagging it and letting it go. Those who favor killing the fish and landing it for a trophy argue that the fatigued fish will die anyway. Others, who favor tagging and releasing, argue that there are enough good replicas that the fisherman can have his trophy without killing any fish. Often, fishing charters will require that you tag and release.

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Blue marlin fishing is the ultimate sport for fun and challenge. To land one, the fisherman must be in great physical shape, with lots of determination, strength, and stamina to land this huge, aggressive and beautiful fish that tops the food chain. For anyone who loves a challenge with their enjoyment, marlin fishing charters is the best you can find.

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