Relief for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

By: Martha Fitzharris

Stretch marks are a universal problem faced by millions of females. Stretch marks are a delicate subject determined by why they formed. As a whole, pregnancy stretch marks are normally easier to live with than ones that developed due to quick weight gain. Obviously with a skin condition so inexplicably tied to human emotion, finding the most effective and gentlest treatment of stretch marks is vital.

Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch marks are scars. They evolve in the lower layers of the skin when collagen fibers can not keep up with added stress or weight and start fraying. After repetitive stress they actually separate and the result is a pink or purple line that fades over time and becomes a white line submerged deep in the skin. So the concern now becomes how to dissolve old stretch marks.

Repairing Tears in Dermis Skin Layer

Balms and the top stretch mark creams sold as stretch mark treatments are normally alpha hydroxy acid formulations or cocoa butter. Alpha hydroxy sloughs the top layer of skin cells, allowing newer, healthier skin cells to surface. This seemingly allows moisturizers to better penetrate, further softening and smoothing the skin. The biggest problem and the reason they do not work is that stretch marks are scars. Alpha hydroxy does not to clear away the damaged tissue from the area. The skin around it may look better but the stretch mark will still be there. Stretch mark recipes like this are not effective.

Repair Stretch Marks

People currently feel that lasers and surgical techniques are the solution to every skin condition. People think that if caught early enough, laser stretch mark techniques can eliminate the blemish and dissolve the scar. While it may be effective in breaking up the scar tissue, lasers do not promote the renewal of collagen and elastin elements in the skin matrix.

Skin rejuvenation is essential in a treatment for stretch marks. Thus, any laser treatment professing to eliminate submerged scars is fueling unrealistic expectations. Because of the risk of permanent discoloration, laser technique is not recommended for darker toned individuals.

Microdermabrasion removes the top layers of the skin with delicate, sand-like particles. Similar results can be seen using chemical peels. In both cases, the problem is that both techniques do not fix stretched skin below the superficial layers. Stretch marks are so deeply submerged in the skin, they do not react to superficial methods. An alleviation for pregnancy stretch marks is not found in surgical procedures.

Natural Methods to Remove Stretch Marks

People are interested in anything that takes away stretch marks. Thanks to the biological discovery of a skin remodeling activator, you can abate stretch marks without any painful surgery. The same stretch mark cream is effective in preventing stretch marks. It is honestly a complete and balanced stretch mark treatment.

When applied topically to stretch marks, the biological ingredient fuses with your own skin cells and:

* eliminate submerged scars and help reconstrucy the area by arousing new cellular development in place of the digested scars.

* natural enzymes quicken biological responses in cells and liberate amino acid components in order to rejuvenate healthy skin using collagen and elastin fibers.

* Copper peptides stimulate skin remodeling. Fibroblasts are fostered and proliferate. These skin building fibers secrete growth factors which help in the augmentation of skin cell division.

*Replenish glycosaminoglycans in the skin, which fortifies its durable nature. Glycosaminoglycans act as regulators of capillary blood vessel formation and cell proliferation. Dry skin cracks much easier than skin with natural water holding capacity so moisture from within is essential in stretch mark care.

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True information on how to get rid of stretch marks is hard to come by. I understand that it seems hard to believe that one stretch mark cream could do all this but it is all true. Stretch marks can be a large burden mentally. Click right now and learn a little more on how you can stimulate your own skin's renewal ability and say goodbye to your stretch marks.

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