Reliable And Safe Natural Remedies For Vaginal Dryness In Women

By: Aaric Hadden

Poor estrogen secretion can cause the symptoms of dryness in female genitals and it happens to any woman irrespective of age, although, it gets consistent in women who are in menopause state. The problem of poor estrogen production in the body causes thinness of plump muscle structures, and it reduces the flexibility of the reproductive canal in women. Women who are low in estrogen feel pained or suffer from inflammation in genitals during the process of lovemaking which makes it difficult for them to enjoy lovemaking as the organ appears dry and unprepared for smooth penetration. Natural remedies for vaginal dryness help in reducing the problem of itchiness and inflammation.

Vigorelle is a fantastic libido enhancer specifically made for women who are unable to enjoy lovemaking with partner due to poor estrogen production in the body. The preparation contains a range of plant-based components such as Damiana leaf, Ginkgo biloba, Suma root, Peppermint leaf, Motherwort, Wild yam and a rich series of vitamins such as A, C , E and B-Complex to empower the body. The use of natural remedies for vaginal dryness as provided by Vigorelle causes tingling sensation in the organ, which immediately stimulates the genitals to cause secretion of fluid and develop lubrication naturally.

Causes for poor lubrication: To improve the condition, the causes for poor lubrication should be known.

1. Medications and medical problems - Certain health conditions (E.g. diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, asthma etc.) and use of some medications cause dryness. Especially medicines for cold which contains anti-histamines or can cause dryness.
2. Chemicals - Use of soaps or certain perfumes can cause dryness due to irritation.
3. Emotional issues - In general, some women suffer from certain emotional issues that have reverse impact on the conjugal life. These factors can be stress or feeling a sense of anxiety when with the partner. Sometimes, women hold long-term resentments against the partner, which interferes with physical happiness of both the partner and this form of emotional blocks, can reduce lubrication. Some women may not get lubricated if their partner is unable to hold for long, or are emotionally non-supportive in relationship.

How to treat the problem: Lubricants and moisturizers helps in improving the condition -

1. Lubricants - Certain silicon based lubricants helps in moisturising the organ. Silicon-based lubricants can make the process itself very uncomfortable and may not provide long-term benefit. Water based lubricant are better that silicone based lubricants.
2. Moisturizers - Some moisturizers can in lubricating but it can even cause irritation.
3. Estrogen based therapies - It involves taking tablets which is inserted in the reproductive opening such as vaginal ring, applicator or cream. The dryness is reduced due to the presence of estrogen in these tablets and it helps in reducing discomfort or pain. It also regulates the pH level and prevents the formation of bacteria.

Use of herbs can improve the level of lubrication by increasing estrogen naturally. Natural remedies for vaginal dryness such as Vigorelle Gel is believe to be the best as it does not provide side effects of synthetic products and is safe even if the partner uses contraceptives. The natural remedies are made up of natural components and do not cause irritation.

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