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Being overweight is not a condition, it's a habit. When you get into the habit of overeating and not exercising, this culminates into heavy weight or obesity. To lose weight, you merely have to change that kind of thinking into something healthier; and to stay that way, well, that's easy.

Weight loss is constituted by the loss of various solid and fluid constituents of your body. However, it is only healthy when what you lose is something your body does not need, such as excess fat. This is what most weight loss experts focus on.

You can shed your excess weight in a lot of ways. The gym, the spa, acupuncture, or even hypnosis. As far as you are concerned, you get to look and feel healthy. But question is - are you willing to get up and move towards losing weight? Only you can really answer that question.

You might gain a lot of weight due to circumstance, but if you do something about it, you can lose it all back... at least, most of it. The secret is exercise and proper eating habits. Sadly, very few people around the world have the discipline to engage in exercise everyday and eat only the right kinds of food.

After losing weight, a formerly obese person is likely to still have trouble with self confidence and depression. As a result, they must undergo a gradual ‘reinsertion' to society so that they can function properly as individuals.

Losing body fluids can also trigger weight loss. More often than not, this condition is one that comes about when you are chronically ill, or you are getting that way. It is understandable that you did not know of it before then, but you must have been feeling the symptoms like belly aching, nausea, stooling, or even vomiting. Once you find you have al or some of these, you aren't just losing weight, you could be dying!

Chronic and unexplained weight loss is likely a chronic and undiagnosed disease or condition. Some examples are diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and even the almighty HIV/AIDS. Knowing this will probably show you the seriousness of such a situation, and tell you that you must do something before it gets out of hand.

Most doctors will tell you clearly that if you need to lose weight, you should adjust the way you eat and include some exercise in your daily life. Simply, it is because your weight in a sense is directly proportional to the amount of food that you consume daily, and inversely proportional to the amount of exercise you do. And as I say often... don't quote me.

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