Relationship Issues on Mike and Juliet in the Morning - Why Do Men Do the Things They Do?

By: Denise Biance

Relationship enhancement and awareness was a recent topic on the Mike and Juliet within the Morning Show; where relationship specialists were asked to weigh-in on such queries as: "Is cheating traditional during a committed relationship?" and, "Is flirting okay?" Different relationship problems, such as, "Why do traits and behaviors that were once thought of 'adorable' become repulsive?" Understanding the answers to those queries can actually help you build a higher and stronger relationship - and facilitate your avoid the common pitfalls that cause most relationships to finish in disaster.
Society is certainly not set-up to encourage committed, monogamous behavior in males. Culture objectifies ladies and encourages terribly "un-enlightened" behavior in men - and then teaches them to laugh concerning it instead of learn from it. Testament to the present unhappy truth is the truth that more than [*fr1] of all marriages end in divorce - roughly admire the proportion of men who cheat on their wives. Certainly women cheat, too; but, traditionally, men are abundant additional damaging to relationships than women. Of the less-than-half of all marriages that do remain intact, it's safe to mention that they're not all blissful unions. Wedding, statistically speaking, is not a natural condition; mating is - that is ultimately why most people get married. Happy marriages are, without a doubt, one in every of the rarest birds on the planet. But why do men do the things they do to ruin relationships; and what will be done concerning it?
Primarily, we tend to all want some incentive to try and do anything we tend to do. For a person to put real attention and energy into creating a relationship better, he should have a reason for doing so. Men do the items they are doing for a variety of reasons:
1. Programming from genetics and early examples from their fathers and other male relations,
2. Programming from friends, tv, and other environmental sources,
3. Desire (Controlled or Uncontrolled),
4. Boredom,
5. Selfishness/Inconsideration,
6. Ignorance,
7. Malice,
8. Reward/Recognition,
9. Personal gain/greed,
10. Fear/Protection/Self-preservation
Actually there are a number of other reasons for the manner men behave; and not all male behavior is harmful or unproductive. However it is vital to notice that people only do what they recognize, and they continuously have some reason for doing it that overrides all others - and every one reasons to not do it. The secret to making the foremost out of your relationships is to make a list of incentives for additional constructive and productive behaviors - and then act on them. Fortunately, science and drugs - together with thousands of years of observation - has given us additional than ample incentive for men to work on their relationships. Here are a few huge ones:
1. Health: Happy relationships improve your health; sad relationships cause stress - that is responsible for most medical problems - including impotence.
2. Happiness: Would you otherwise be happy or sad? Would you somewhat be "right," or "the boss;" or would you otherwise be happy and healthy? Do you actually have to consider this?
3. Success and Prosperity: Happy people are abundant additional artistic and resourceful than sad individuals; they're also "luckier," additional energetic and positive, and more doubtless to attract better conditions and associations into their lives.
4. Economics: Though staying miserable to avoid wasting some cash may be a stupid factor to do; relationship break-ups are pricey - therefore is beginning a brand new relationship. Child support and alimony - along with lost resources - are another money issues that go along with ruined marriages.
Once you have an incentive, all you wish is an plan of who you would like to be and what sort of relationship you wish to be in. Then take steps in that direction each day and with every chance you are given to move nearer to your ideals, or further away from them. Admittedly, relationship mastery is not an straightforward task; however you do not have to be a master to make your relationship better - you simply need to need to, and to grasp that you'll be able to do it.

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