Relationship Advice - How to Get Your Ex Back and Saving Your Relationship

By: Chloe Barker

People mostly likely look for relationship advice from three sources, a close family member or friend, counsellor or books! What is interesting is that if you were to use all three sources they would each provide different persepectives unique from each other on your relationship situation. So which one will prove to be the best source to utilize? The best choice becomes obvious as you look at each one.

If you are going to your brothers, mothers, best friends after a tiff with your partner, then first off you really aren't looking for advice. You are going there to vent and show your pain to those whom care about you. Once you are there and begin to convey your situation you begin to slowly feel a bit of solice, albeit very short lived. Firstly, because you are important to themn - they won't be able to provide unbiased advice. If you really want helpful advice you are not going to get it from someone with a vested interest in your happiness. You also run a very high risk of enduring further emotional turmoil. The particular friend might not be fond of your boyfriend, and can give you advice which actually ends up further hurts your relationship with your better half.

Take some practical advice and don't give relationship advice to a family member or seek it from them either. Although you may be one of the few people in the world who can honestly give unbiased advice to someone close to you, it still isn't a good idea

Should you consider the idea of seeking professional help, because you just can't seem to get through to your husband, who is distant and won't open up to you. This is not a shot at professional therapists and counsellors, they are needed in today's society. But discussing your relationship woes with someone you have never met whom will draw from their schooling to dispense advice doesn't really provide the comfort level we require during such a event alterting time in our lives - saving your relationship! Unless a stranger has experienced the same events, emotions and moments as your relationship has, it is hard to digest that they would truly have a full understanding.

The reality is you aren't typically going to get relationship advice from a professional. You are going to get life in general advice. As it will undoubtedly be all generalizations by the time you have finished several sessions, and several hundred dollars later.

That leads to the third source - books. Now the though of reading a book for advice may seem cold or impersonal. But that couldn't be further from the truth. The trick is to select a book that isn't written by a professional regurgitating text book philosophy, but one that is written by the average person able to simply make you look at your own particular situation in a new perspective.

T.W. Jackson has written such a book, The Magic Of Making Up (Get Your Ex Back). The author reiterates the fact that almost all relationships are salvageable, even those experiencing extremely turbulent times. Everything from fueling that fire of passion that was fading away to addressing with infidelity are all explored.

You know your relationship more than anyone else. You are the one that has experienced it's every moment, good or otherwise. Have faith in your own ability to put your own relationship on the path to happiness. Who better to take a deep look at it from a different perspective than you, yourself, armed with helpful tools provided from useful book!

You are the best person to give relationship advice - to yourself!

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