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If you are a US citizen and you are thinking about register a company in Thailand then the Amity Treaty may be for you. If you do not know what this is then this series of articles (two in the set) will give you a brief insight in to what this actually is but it is not a replacement for actually researching the law and how it applies to you. There are tons of websites out there that deal with registering a company in Thailand and they may touch upon this treaty as this will but it is not a replacement for solid legal counsel from a reputable law firm.

Obviously if you are registering a company in Thailand you need to be aware of the differences that apply since you are a foreigner compared to how a Thai person would do it. As mentioned if you are not from the US then sadly you do not qualify for this treaty. The treaty of amity is an agreement involving the USA and Thailand that basically is designed to encourage trade between the two countries providing that they play nice. What does this mean in more detail or in an easier sense? Well, have you ever played the game risk? Many people who do form alliances with other players and will not invade their allies as long as they are not invaded themselves and this is the same principal that applies to this treaty.

It basically means that you can operate your company within Thailand as long as you respect the laws and lay of the land so to speak. The treaty is also designed to promote trade, commerce and cultural understanding between the two countries as well as a mutual respect of the legal laws that apply to both countries. You would break this treaty then if you were a US based citizen with a business in Thailand that invaded Thai areas of commerce in an aggressive manner that would also be classed as unorthodox. Basically you have to play nice as was said. There are specific criteria’s that must be met though for a business to be able to take advantage of this treaty and this is something that will be discussed in the next article. Essentially though registering a company in Thailand if you are a US based citizen is much easier to do with much notable benefits if the business you operate meets the criteria for this treaty. To learn more about whether or not your business can qualify for this treaty please read the next article in this series which will explain more. After all it is always best when register company in Thailand to be prepared and this can mean a lot of research as it is not an easy task to operate a company in a country where the laws are vastly different to what is normally used to but thanks to articles such as this we hope that you can learn and adapt and be prosperous.

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