Refrigerators Different Types and Their Features

By: Mark Lopes

Refrigerator truly is the equipment every home must have. However, buying one is something which deserves utmost consideration. It is sure to be the biggest investment you are going to make besides your car and a good home. Quite naturally, you should have an idea of what you are up to when taking a decision in the matter. The observations given below are sure to be of great help here.
Different types of refrigerators
You would definitely be spoiled for choice when shopping for a refrigerator. But, having an idea of the options available for you would make things much easier.
1. Top freezer fridges
This is the ideal choice if you donít mind appearing a bit traditional to save a few bucks when making a purchase. As the name suggests, the freezer sits at the top and the refrigerator at the lower end of the unit. The freezer is the one which consumes much space. However, it may create slight difficulties when installing. Besides, you cannot open the doors completely if the room is a narrow one.
2. Bottom fridge refrigerator
This functions the same way as its top freezer variant. The only difference is the position of the freezer. Besides, you can go for two options; a unit which can be opened like a door or a drawer-like design. This may appear a bit expensive when compared to a top-freezer unit. However, it is not going to be a strain on your budget.
3. Side by side refrigerator
The unit is the ideal choice if easy access to the items stored inside is what you are looking for when shopping for a refrigerator. The equipment may appear a bit costly. However, it offers much space. But, you may have difficulty to store wide items. The freezing unit is narrower than the refrrigeration space.
4. The French door unit
The refrigerator combines both the side by side and bottom freezer units. The freezer is located at the top. It features two doors opening sideways. Rich in features and attractive in design, this is one among the popular models available out for you in the market.
5. The refrigerated prep table
It is generally used in commercial establishments. There are two variants of this unit; sandwich prep table and the one used for preparing pizzas. While the cold storage well keeps the ingredients fresh, drawers take care of the prepared items. The only difference between the two versions is that the one used to prepare pizzas have deep cutting boards.
6. Cabinet-sized refrigerator
If you are someone concerned of lack of space when installing a fridge, this unit is definitely the ideal choice. Being built into your kitchen cabinet, it would not take even the slightest of your home space. You can even customize it as per your requirements.
7. Compact units
These are ideal if you want to store frozen items in your room. Portable and attractive, they would sit comfortably in your bedroom without creating any trouble.
8. Freezerless unit
As the name suggests, this type of refrigerator does not have a freezer. It would be ideal for those who just want to store only perishable items inside a freezer.

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