Refill e cig with e cigarette liquid and enjoy a harmless smoking experience

By: Cesar Muler

An electronic cigarette, more popular as e-cig, is the name given to the electrical equipment that imitates the act of cigarette smoking by giving out vapor that bears the appearance, flavor and sensation of inhaled tobacco smoke. An electronic cigarette makes use of heat and, in certain instances, ultrasonics, to turn a liquid called propylene glycol into an aerosol mist. The e-cigs come in a range of sizes and outwardly look similar to traditional cigarettes. Some of the models need to be disposed of after use. But, in many cases, you can refill e cig. The e cigarette liquid is usually inserted into the e cig so that you can be further used.

An e cigarette comes with a heating element, a power source, and a tiny liquid reservoir. It is either powered by a wired USB adapter or a battery. An e cig helps you enjoy the taste of tobacco but it does pose the health risks posed by traditional cigarettes. An e cig does not contain the detrimental substances that a normal cigarette contains. It helps the smokers to satisfy their cravings for smoking without allowing them to inhale the harmful toxins that the tobacco-contained cigarettes have. The e cigarettes are portable and can easily accompany you wherever you go. You can refill e cig and use it a number of times. For refilling an e cig, you need to inject e cigarette liquid into the cigarette.

Let us now discuss about how to refill e cig with e cigarette liquid. Here are two tips:

• Drip Method: In order to refill e cigarette using the drip method, you need to get a dripper and e cigarette liquid. The polyester stuffing within the cartridge needs to be removed first. Then, you need to use the dropper to drip some of the liquid into the cartridge. The stuffing needs to be put back and it should be allowed to absorb the liquid. You need to add more drops of the e-liquid later and ensure that it is completely soaked with the liquid before you close the cartridge.

• Injection Method: To refill e cig using injection method, you need to have a syringe and e-liquid. By making use of a syringe or injector, you can spread the liquid uniformly all throughout the cartridge filler. You can also use the syringe to draw out the liquid from the bottle in which it is kept. For replenishing the e cigarette cartridges using a syringe, you need to remove the white rubber cap using a screwdriver from the end of the cartridge. Then, you need to put the syringe needle into the cartridge and press the plunger while moving the needle. You should ensure that the e-cig is uniformly refilled.

If you want, you can buy the ingredients needed for preparing e cigarette liquid and make the liquid at home. Refilling your e cig with e cigarette liquid saves you a good amount of money since you do not have to buy a full-fledged new e cigarette.

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