Redecorating One Room at a Time

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Redecorating One Room at a Time
By Linda Jennings

When some of us consider the thought of redecorating our home we often become so overwhelmed that we give up before we have even really started. The choice of where to begin and in what room should we start is sometimes a daunting decision.

May I make a suggestion, walk slowly through your home room by room and take notes of the things you like and those that you would like to change. You might even take this idea one step further and categorize the need for change into different levels such as immediate, possibly, later and then not sure. Once you’ve carefully considered each room and the needs that each room or area possess, you will have a better idea of how to approach the redecorating process.

Also one of the most important factors in the redecorating process is the money you are willing to spend or can afford. You may come to the conclusion that you need to do the redecorating in stages or re-evaluate the list of what is most important to give you the most change for the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Most of us know or have heard that painting can make a dramatic difference in a room or space in a home and is one of the least expensive changes that you can make. But if you are comfortable with your wall color and do not wish to change the color scheme on your walls then, possibly a new flooring or area rug might be the solution to give you that something dramatic that will change the whole feeling in the room. While this may be a higher priced solution the results can be worth it in the overall effect of what you are trying to achieve.

Sometimes the redecorating can be done much simpler by changing the furniture out or moving pieces form one space or room into another. We sometimes buy a piece of furniture or area rug with one specific place in mind and not realize that it fits better in an area or room that we had not considered before. This is also true for wall art so don’t be afraid to try pieces in different places form where you now have them.

It is surprising to many of us how putting up new curtains or drapes can change a room. Often we have the original curtains or drapes that we had when we first bought or moved into our home and for many of us that can be years unfortunately so don’t be afraid to get some new curtains or drapes for the room that you are redecorating or maybe you need to change them throughout the house.

If you have decided to change the curtains or drapes in a bedroom, that often also leads to changes in your bedding and comforters. Most of us like to have coordinating comforters and bedding with pillow shams that match the curtains or drapes and help to tie our colors together. Or if you have changed the type of flooring that may cause you to consider changing or adding area rugs where maybe you haven’t had them in the past. There are many ways you can express your design style in your home décor.

Sometimes the need to redecorate is born of necessity due to a child that had outgrown the current theme or furniture in a bedroom or the addition of a family member that has had to move in due to health or financial reasons. And although it may be uncertain how long these changes may last we need to address the needs of the situation to make all of those involved as comfortable as possible.

In redecorating a bathroom or kitchen, you need to decide if you are totally redesigning structurally the space by taking out walls or adding space by some other means or are you wanting to maybe resurface countertops with something more modern or changing cabinet door fronts with paint or a whole new style. There are lots o things to consider, when taking on some of these solutions. Sometimes something as simple as changing out the hardware or the drawer pulls and cabinets can make a big difference in how the space looks and feels.

Other redecorating ideas include getting new towels, bath mats, and wall art for a bathroom or in a kitchen changing out the theme that we are currently using for instance maybe we have the ivy vines that were very popular a few years back, but now our taste have changed to something totally different such as a sleek, very modern look, or maybe you now want to emphasize a salt and pepper collection that have been in your family or some other collection that has special meaning to you and your family.

Again changing the flooring in any space can make a dramatic difference in the way you view it. Often there may be carpet or vinyl in a space where you want to change it to tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring. It could be your wish to put carpet in a space where there is now tile. If you are considering making such dramatic changes, you might want to visit someone who has the type of flooring you are considering in their homes and talk with them about what they like or don’t like about the flooring you are considering.

The point is, over time we change. Our tastes in furniture, color, design style, and home décor are evolving even as we are and our homes should reflect who we are now, not who we used to be. We may have once liked contemporary and now like a more rustic style or we may like the old world European style as opposed to an eclectic style that mixes several styles together.

If you are interested in redecorating your whole home or just a small space within May I suggest that you checkout and for product ideas and solutions to your home décor dilemmas.

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