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By: Bil Indoleg

In recent years the mobile phone market has experienced impressive sales increases and many people change phones an average of 1 time every two years.
This has been a major problem for the environment because most phones used are not properly recycled and are thrown away with what they end up in landfills, it releases toxins and fluids of different decaying components which is very harmful to the environment.
In electronic waste (such as phones, computers, TVs ...) there are some very valuable and rare metals. In a single phone may be a few milligrams, but when put together many different story. Specifically, moving 50,000 (about 3.5 tons of these devices without battery), you can take approximately 350 kilos of copper, 400 grams of palladium, silver ten kilos or a kilo of gold. A kilo gold bullion like the picture, which is valued at more than 40,000 euros. Where recover materials such electronic waste? Spanish recyclers are separating primary metals (steel, aluminum, iron, ...), an issue resolved in principle, but not extract these other even scarcer.
In one of these companies as reports that in Spain, the rates of recovery of electrical and electronic equipment are still low. It does not help the irregularities in this particular sector of the waste, or the lack of transparency of what happens to some materials. In the case of mobile phones, according to 123movil, the integrated management system responsible for the collection and recycling of these devices in the country, since the beginning of its activity in 2001 would have collected 5,210 tons (waiting to close data, 2012). The managers of this system does not provide specific data and mobile number this tonnage may include accessories such as chargers, but it is clear that there exists a lot of gold and precious metals to take.
To encourage such recycling, have emerged as the aforementioned companies that buy back used mobile phones and so the end user can end economic benefit and is helping to recycle. Now that so fashionable price comparators, has emerged the first price comparison Spain in this sector, compared handles used mobile prices, looking for the best price for the user. If you now want to sell your old phone should visit at least 5 websites recycling companies to get the best deal which will take a while.

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