Recruitment Agencies Bridging the Gap between Job and Candidates

By: V. Dagaev

The growing amount of academic institutes offering professional courses in Toronto has also increased the number of job seekers. Research says that as compared to 2010, this year has seen many more number of job applicants in the employment market. This has been the result of both recession as well as the growing number of professional training institutes in the education industry. The long term challenge for the same is to create an avenue for employment of these candidates. Understanding the wide variety of talent and job seekers with considerable experience available, getting jobs in Canada is a very difficult task. Thus a large number of candidate recruitment companies have been groomed up in the recent years to facilitate this process.

These recruitment agencies are registered under a valid and recognized body known as Job Search Toronto Association. These agencies facilitate the recruitment process by acting as a bridge between the job seekers and recruiters. Primarily they work on building good contacts with the recruiters and generating the employment requirements and vacancies arising in their respective organizations. Once the requirement is finalized and communicated to them by the prospective recruiter, they search for the candidates with relevant experience who meets the client requirements.

Many a times, these agencies work through various job and employment portals, where the candidates usually register themselves for seeking any potential recruitment and employment opportunity. In many cases where fresh graduates are required, the agencies also approach the various educational institutes, universities and colleges to get the desired set of candidates. Once the candidates suggested by them fill in the vacancies, the agencies get their due reward in terms of commission by the organizations. The commission is paid in consideration of the efforts put by the agencies to help the organizations complete their recruitment cycles.

Sometimes these agencies also work towards the third party reference check of the candidates, primarily in the big organizations, which involves a huge time of three to four months after joining the employment by the candidate. This reference check is of utmost importance as it contributes towards the background check of the candidates, in terms of past employment history and any other details which might have been skipped by him or misrepresented by him during the interview and selection process.

Analyzing this trend one can confidently say that the recruitment agencies have been proving very helpful to the candidates in helping them finding a job best suited to their requirement in this competitive and competent world. Without the existence of such agencies there would hardly be a way which could have connected the prospective employers with the candidates with desired level of skill sets.

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