Recovering after Pregnancy

By: James Pendergraft

One of the most critical stages in a womanís life is during pregnancy. It is paramount that one should keep oneís health in tiptop condition in order to ascertain that both mother and child will be healthy. As such, expectant mothers put a lot of premium on their health, knowing that they are embarking on a journey at the end of which a new life will emerge. However, what most women should know is that it is not only during pregnancy where utmost care should be taken. It is also important to pay attention to oneís health after pregnancy. This is because there is still the possibility that complications may set in even after the baby has been delivered.

Why It Is Important to be Mindful on the Changes after Pregnancy

Most women just ignore their state of health as long as their baby is already safe. However, this behavior is indeed very risky as most women who have experienced a lot of difficulties after birth can tell. This is why recovery after pregnancy should also be given the detailed attention that was given during pregnancy.

The main consideration in recovering after a pregnancy is to prepare a woman for possible physical effects. These changes are to be expected. After all, pregnancy is a life-changing journey with plenty of baggage. In order to make recovery after pregnancy easier, it is important that one should be familiar with the common difficulties experienced after childbirth.

Coping with Changes after Pregnancy

The following are the most common changes that a woman may encounter after pregnancy:

1) Psychological changes. This refers to the changes in a womanís mental perception of herself as well as of the people around her. For most women, this period involves great adjustments and difficulties such as coping with a new role of being a mother and learning the proper ways to care for the baby. For other women, they get easily depressed at the physical changes such as gaining weight, which may alter her sense of beauty.

2) Physical changes. This is the most number of changes encountered after pregnancy and one that involves a lot of adjustments. The following are some of the most common physical changes after delivery:

3) Constipation. A woman may find it difficult to discharge for a few days after delivery. Moreover, there may be some hemorrhoids accompanied by sore muscles that make bowel discharge very difficult.

4) Sore perineum. This usually happens if you have hemorrhoids or an episiotomy, which is a surgical incision of the area between the anus and the vagina. As a result, a woman will find it difficult to walk for several days. Knowing this in advance should help a woman cope with it properly without going through a stressful period.

5) Hot and cold flashes. This is expected because of your bodyís hormonal changes.

6) Sore breasts. This is mainly due to the new formation of milk in the breasts. The nipples may also become sore.

7) Weight loss. Immediately after pregnancy, a woman will feel a few pounds lighter than her usual weight. However, as her body adjusts to the new condition, it may rapidly gain weight, unless itís carefully monitored.

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