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By: Nick Clarke

Losing your precious data can lead to an extremely stressful situation, but you are certainly not alone in experiencing this common problem. In fact, data loss is one of the most commonly reported problems among computer users. However, what you might not realize is that your data is most likely recoverable. Don't forget, however, that your chances of successful data recovery are a great deal higher if you deal with the problem sooner rather than later lest the deleted data eventually get overwritten and become lost for good. [email protected] UNERASER provides a completely free solution which provides you with excellent chances of getting things like deleted documents and pictures back just as they were before they disappeared. It can even recover data from formatted disks!

A lot of people assume that deleted data cannot be recovered and that, once it has been removed from the Recycle Bin or the storage media has been formatted, it is gone for good. This is not actually the case. The data is initially marked as deleted meaning that it disappears from Windows Explorer and the like and anything else can overwrite it which, eventually, it probably will. Until then, however, you have a window of chance in which you can get the data back. This is precisely what [email protected] UNERASER is for. Many people have even reported successful data recovery operations weeks or even months after the data went missing. Regardless, this software will allow you to have the best chances possible to get the data back. If the data is still physically there and intact, then [email protected] UNERASER will do its job for you.

It is also important to note that [email protected] UNERASER itself does not lower your chances of successful data recover by way of its installation as does some other similar software, particularly other freeware solutions. The advantage of this solution is that it does not need to be installed and can instead by run at system start-up from a CD or USB pen drive without further modifying the contents of the disk that you are trying to recover data from. If you want to recover data from the primary hard disk in your computer, the safest way to do it is to download [email protected] UNERASER from another computer, copy it to a portable drive or disk and then boot up from it. This way, the data on the hard disk itself should not be modified in any way.

While the freeware version of [email protected] UNERASER should be adequate for the average home user, more advanced users may want to take a look at the more powerful and fuller-featured Professional version. This version comes with [email protected] File Recover 9, which allows you to use a graphical user interface for recovering files and folders. It also comes with a bootable Windows 7-based environment complete with a wide range of data recovery tools and other useful application. [email protected] UNERASER itself supports every version of Windows right up to the latest 64-bit edition of Windows 8.

[email protected] UNERASER works with any file system or storage device supported by Windows. It also works with encrypted, fragmented or compressed files on NTFS-formatted partitions and support for non-English filenames, damaged partitions, logical drives, RAIDs and disk images. For advanced users, there is even a built-in hex editor and viewer. Learn more about this powerful tool at .

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Nick Clarke uses software like [email protected] UNERASER at his second-hand computer and hardware store to ensure that private data belonging to previous owners is properly and securely deleted.

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