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By: Mel Joelle

One of the most useful, practical and essential Android Phone Apps available also happens to be free, and it’s called ‘Where’s My Droid.’ Have you ever misplaced your Android? What a horrible feeling; think of all the valuable information you’ve got saved in your phone, not to mention the significant value of the phone itself. Never fear, as long as you have the ‘Where’s My Droid’ application, finding your lost phone is as easy as sending yourself a text.

To get ‘Where’s My Droid,’ simply go to the Android Market; look under the “tools” tab, then search the keywords “find my droid.” Once you have found the application, click the “install” button to download the free application. You will be asked to set up two different “attention words.” (Make certain that you choose something you won’t forget because you will have just lost the one device that usually helps us remember things.) To use the “Where’s My Droid’ app, you will text your attention words, in the subject line, to your phone in order to locate it. You will need to use another smart phone to do this or it can be done on-line by sending your phone an e-mail with the same attention words. The first attention word(s) is to override the silent feature on your phone. When you text the attention word(s) to your Android, your phone will ring, vibrate or sound an alarm, whichever you choose during the setup phase, even if your phone is on silent mode. The second set of attention words will activate a GPS locator for your phone; you may need to enable the GPS satellite on your phone. Look under settings, then security, and then enable satellite. When you text these words to your Android, you will receive a text with a link. Click on the link, and you will see a Google map with a flashing icon of your phone’s exact location. It’s that easy.

In the event that you are not yet convinced of the importance of this app., I will add that my husband was actually able to locate his stolen truck using the “Where’s My Droid” app. because his phone was tucked in the truck’s console. The police just sent a text with the attention words to his phone, and the exact location of the truck appeared as a flashing blue dot on a clearly marked map. If you don’t have this free app. already, I strongly recommend getting it.

Some other recommended, location oriented apps for your Android include ‘Family GPS Tracker’ or ‘Family Locator’ to help families keep track of one another. Try ‘My Car Locator’ for those days when you can’t remember where you last parked your car. Also handy, are the self-explanatory finders such as ‘Toilet/Bathroom Finder’, ‘Movie Finder’, ‘Taxi Finder’, ‘Wi-Fi Locator’ and, of course, ‘Find A Starbucks.’ Finally, and just for fun, I recommend the game ‘ Seven Little Words.’ If you like word-find games or puzzles, you’ll have a great time with this new game.

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