Recipe for Rump Roast

By: Robert Thomson

Are you curious how to cook a rump roast? There are three very important things to remember when cooking a rump roast. If you pay attention to the roast as it cooks, and keep these things in mind, you will never fail to make a delicious meal. These very important secrets to remember are:

• To tie or not to tie: know when our piece of meat should be tied.
• Braise first, enjoy later: braising a piece of meat before cooking locks in moisture and flavor
• Give it time: the longer meat cooks the more tender it is, this also gives all the ingredients a chance to combine.

If your cut is symmetrical and has a consistent thickness then tying it probably is not important. If you’re not so lucky then you will need to bundle the meat. Don’t worry it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Simply tuck in any odd pieces then fold the meat into a tubular shape. Cut three pieces of kitchen twine and use them to secure your package.

Now, you are ready to season your meat. I like to use salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of cinnamon. Braise the meat in a skillet until all sides are lightly brown. Place roast, 4 or 5 carrots (cut up to desired size), 3 potatoes (quartered), 2 stalks of celery (cut up to desired size), and 1 pound of whole mushrooms in a crock pot.

Cook the mixture on high for 1 hour (for 3 pound roast) then reduce to low and cook 2 more hours. The longer it cooks the more tender it will be. This may vary depending on how hot your crock pot gets so watch to be sure it isn’t getting dry. If it does a little bit of orange juice adds a lot of flavor to a rump roast. Now, you have learned how to cook roast.

This is a super easy meal. With this recipe there you don’t even have to make a vegetable to go along side. Maybe you’ll even have time to make dessert!

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