Recession Crunch: Why Your Church Needs A Fundraiser

By: Kathy Klossner

Well, one of the fastest ways for a church to rebound is through a fundraiser. Your church can set up a fundraiser and make lots of money without too much trouble at all.

Why A Church Fundraiser?

Church fundraisers do more than just make money for the church—they also bring communities together. And after all, churches need the community on their side so they can help motivate the membership and lead them in the right direction. A successful fundraiser can do just that.

So it’s easy to see that with the right fundraiser, a church can bring the community together and get more people involved in the church. But there’s even more to the big picture—holding a successful fundraiser will also help enable the name and message of the church to reach out to those it might not have been able to reach in the past. This can be a very powerful tool for helping others!

What Do You Need In A Fundraising Product?

In order to have the perfect church fundraiser, you need the ideal product to tie it all together. The right product consists of many things:

You want a product that is affordable. Fundraisers that are built around expensive products do not tend to do all that well. Find an affordable product so you can make the sales you need to break the church’s recession.

Useful and fun products also do well. Whenever you get a product for a church fundraiser, you want it to be something that will practically sell itself—something that people will have a real desire to purchase. If the product is enjoyable and serves a real purpose for people, it will do just that.

Something that can carry the name and the message of the church is also important. Whenever you are selling for the church, you want to be able to give people a piece of the message your church delivers to parishioners and the community. You want people to see that message every time they look at the product.

Lastly, profit margin is important. After all, you are trying to raise money for the church. If you do not make a large margin off the sale of products, they will not be helpful.

What’s The Key To Finding A Great Church Fundraiser Product?

The answer is to think outside the box! For example, custom imprinted sandals meet all of the criteria of a great catchy and creative fundraising product. They are affordable, they offer a solid profit margin, and they are remarkably popular.

In addition, personalized sandals are customizable. Churches can get a logo or a message they want the world to see placed right on the sandals. That way, the wearers spread the message each and every time they slip the sandals on their feet.

With the recession in full force, it is a perfect time for a church fundraiser. Above all, remember to make sure your fundraiser is affordable and practical. With the right product, you can achieve notable sales while spreading the good message of your church at the very same time.

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